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A few members of the Guild Council have been working together to create a system for a Weekly Challenge Global Leaderboard (WGLB) for players and now we are waiting for you!!

The current in-game Global Leaderboard for players is a cumulative account of a players total stars and is not reflective of current top ranked players in Weekly Challenges. Players want to see how they rank against the best players currently in the game, as well as how they rank against the full player base (current and retired) since the beginning of the game.

For now, this list will only show a players name and final score. It does not show guilds or countries. If this really takes off maybe we can convince NG to implement in the game (hint, hint 😉) and then Guild and Countries could possibly be added.

Any Player that would like to be included on the WGLB will do a one-time sign up and then submit their final star count after challenge ends (see links below). Leaderboard will be reset when new challenge starts on Wednesdays and an archive of past scores will be kept and available to view.

View and Enter Scores for Global Leaderboard:
Use the link below to view and enter your weekly star count. Quick and easy directions on sheet

One-Time Sign Up For Global Leaderboard
Use this link for your initial sign up

NG is not responsible for this Leaderboard Initiative however they will verify a players score if necessary. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact any one of the following Administrators……

Brian LINE ID brian402017 / @Brian_
Japes LINE ID Japes87 / @Japes87
KickAss LINE ID kickass_walker / @Kick_ass
Narnia LINE ID narnianwolf / @Narnia
LauraR65 LINE ID LauraR65 / @LauraR65

Thank you and hope to see many of you on the Leaderboard in the coming weeks.

**IMPORTANT NOTE - WATCH TOWER ALLIANCE members DO NOT have to sign up or enter scores, it is being entered by leadership. Just view results using the link provided above. If you are a member of the Watch Tower Alliance and have a question regarding your name or score please contact Laura Reynolds - WT13 or LINE at LauraR65

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