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Just wanted to say thanks for the guild week and the extra gold this past weekend! It was great being able to give my guild gifts at a discount during the Challenge to help them along, and the extra $ gold in the crates was greatly appreciated.
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  • TJS
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    Guild Week is awesome! I loved just seeing what the next bonus reward was going to be.
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    I agree was an amazing week Sunday night and Monday was so much fun in our guild super greens. Seeing the legendary frag reward at 30k and everyone pushing to the limit working together to get it. Also having a little competition with mavericks for 3rd spot in the U.K. Beating them by 2. Haven't enjoyed the challenge so much ever. Bravo!
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    As firekid said we did great this event and it was fun to have no body shots for a change I would love to see guild week remain a fixture
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    Agreed! We were scrounging for stars with 30 mins left to play so that we could get the 150 Carl tokens!
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    What was the threshold for Carl tokens @WellyLuga? We got over 34k stars and I didn’t even see those! :#
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    @DBones 39k. DTP will have gotten the 42k and 45k reward so I wonder what that one was!
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    bladgier said:

    It was quite of a battle to get those 😁

    Where the "Holy shit" icon to click, cause Awesome does not do it justice!! 😳
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    I'm almost ready to jump ship on my guild, I want to have fun in a guild week challenge!