Noob question

Sorry, I missed most of the badge theory discussion and the search function didn't provide any answers.

My question is: did anyone establish the difference (if any) between using cloth/chemicals/metals and edibles? I'm not talking about anecdotel-based theories, but real testing?

The only difference between the four that I have registered, is the basic fact that Next Games thinks cloth and edibles are much more valuable than metals and chemicals ( the reward in The Distance mission 18 is 3 epic metals and 3 epic chemicals while the reward for mission 19 -- which all things equal should be of higher value -- is 2 epic cloth and 2 epic edibles). I think -- but that's purely un-scientific -- that I usually have better chances of crafting a better badge with cloth and edibles. But not sure.


  • ShadowaceAz
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    Random random and random.

    No chance of a recipe making option.
    Shape, location, and bonus are all random.

    The only real control is what rarity components with what rarity fragment. So, you could be unlucky like me and get four Damage Resistance badges, but all four are the same location and three are same shape.

    Or you could have amazing luck like others and get eight or more damage resistance that are the same shape but different locations.

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  • Firekid
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    Yep, apart from the new components event that was just run and also seems to be a new idea by them I have no idea why they made for types...
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    No recipes.

    All random.

    Illusion of choice.

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  • Serp
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    I hear if you use the ring finger of your left hand while standing on one foot and Venus and Jupiter are aligned you are guaranteed a % damage badge.
  • Defender
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    Didn’t work. Tried ring finger of both hands.
  • Jenng
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    I make up my own recipes....... I call it whatever I have the most of goes in the pot.

  • Governator
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    I use my middle fingers on both hands... but it is usually after I see the results of the crafting. :lol:
  • mack22
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    I use my middle fingers on both hands... but it is usually after I see the results of the crafting. :lol:

    It's all about that self control right..