Feedback thread - Gas in the TGS and next week's proposal



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    Great post @Scubdog, couldn’t agree more.
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    Also a big fan of the 30 gas. I have been playing this game for over 2 years and recently have started to lose intrest due to the hardness of doing the distance which i love and getting max stars in challenge without paying for 24hrs fuel. I think this option gives you a chance if your willing to give the time. I dont think it will stop me purchasing my 24hr gas from time to time when i want to have a zombie bust out day. The 30 gas has me constantly going back into the game :) so thank you for this and please do not take this away from us. Even if it was available from say Thursdayor Friday to mon, It gives us a chance!
  • ignas
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    > @Steeboon said:
    > > @ignas said:
    > > Can someone calculate which RSL you need to complete in new format to have 1350 starts? Of course assuming perfect rounds. Currently to reach first additional reward (1550) it is 33.2 but I feel that in new format to get there it will be 34.1 or even higher.
    > @ignas scroll upwards and you will see the table provided by Kaz

    What I can see? For sure not the stars after each perfect round. For that we need @DLich or some other maths guru
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    Loving the 30 gas, bought a booster on Wednesday and bought all the gas in the shops ended my booster with nearly 300 gas and still on 200 now. @kaz only problem you have now is that if you take it away people are going to be pissed! #keepthegas
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    Steeboon said:

    > @ignas said:

    > Can someone calculate which RSL you need to complete in new format to have 1350 starts? Of course assuming perfect rounds. Currently to reach first additional reward (1550) it is 33.2 but I feel that in new format to get there it will be 34.1 or even higher.

    scroll upwards and you will see the table provided by Kaz


    35 is not even a full round.
    So if you get there a 33.2 , maybe you need 33.3
  • PigBenis
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    Can someone please give me some information/confirm this:

    Currently, players with 10 RP and at least 3 L25 survivors will start at L25.2?

    So are the first rounds skipped: 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24.1, 24.2, 25.1?

    And then double rounds are active for: 25.2, 26.1, 26.2, 27.1, 27.2, 27.3, 28.1, 28.2, 28.3, 29.1?
  • PigBenis
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    So here is what someone was asking for. It's based on a Level 70 player starting at Level 25.2 with 10 Round Passes and earning all stars possible through Level 32.2 to get 10 Round Passes for the next week.

    In short, if these changes are made and I assume the same information for next week, I will earn 231 fewer stars. This is fine, as long as the Adjusted Personal Rewards require 231 or fewer stars to obtain.

    Also, since I am earning 231 fewer stars, so are the 19 other people in my guild. 231 x 20 = 4620, so the Adjusted Guild Rewards need to be 4620 stars or less than before, otherwise they are more difficult to get than currently.

    Some food for thought before diving into this.
  • rchap
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    I usually max out with 11 round passes, which is level 33.2 for me. With the proposed changes, assuming I still max out on level 33.2, that would equate to round 28, meaning I'll only earn 9 round passes. This is all well and good, if you are properly adjusting the trade good rewards, but you're not. The new system will result in me collecting 6,225 fewer trade goods per challenge. Sure, I could go on 12 Outpost raids with the gas and time I'm saving to make up that difference, but the Outpost part of this game is broken and boring. I'd feel like it was more of a grind than doing 5 extra challenge rounds.

    There are a lot of ways to adjust the trade good rewards to make the changes neutral, but what you have proposed so far is not neutral, it is a reduction.
  • JediMasterYoda
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    30 gas in the TGS needs to be permanent. When there are no more campsite builds, the tomato cans just go to waste with nothing to spend them on.

    Good job guys!
  • rockhyrax
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    The 30 petrols in the TG shop is a very good idea. Great for making progress in the Challenge in the early days, and even though progress will decelerate earlier in the week through survivors being hospitalised, the petrols can still be used for other missions. Also good for those who prefer to play more infrequently for long sessions (and so stockpile petrol rather than let the tank run down to zero).

    I'm not keen on the triple rounds starting at level 32. Only one or two of my team manage to play past level 28, so I imagine this will be an overall detriment to the team. There may be more rewards in terms of crates at earlier stages in the Challenge, but measurable progress is based on stars (individual and guild), and not a tally of the rewards. If there were a display of the cumulative TG at both individual player and guild level, starting triple rounds at level 32 might be appropriate.
  • Marisa
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    The extra gas should be permanent, but it would be nice if the challenge missions would cost less.

  • NerfZone187
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    Now all we need is the RGG call next week and we're all set 😉
  • SleeperyJeem
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    Love the gas. PLEASE don’t mess with the level progression the week after an easy challenge, AGAIN. This will be the third freaking time in a row that’s happened to me.
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    Gas in the trade shop is great. This new format could work. Agree that we need a couple weeks to get a feel for it
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    Like the 30 gas
  • Hateful
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    I love the 30 gas in shop. Finally could focus on the Distance and challange.
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    The extra gas for tg is awesome.
    Keep it permanent 😀

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    As much as I don't like the Ultimate format, I agree with many that have posted here; If you change it, then make the change permanent so that we can adjust to it, and never look back. This is unnecessary chaos that serves NOBODY!
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    Kaz, I very much appreciate the adjustment of the TG rewards. It is almost the same under both systems. I calculate that I will only lose 200 TG under this new system, when normally I lose thousands of TG with Ultimate Challenge.

    I'll still have the problem of finishing the challenge on Friday morning, but I guess I'll just have time to play other games instead over the weekend. ;) For someone who likes the challenge the way it is, I guess this is a less painful change than any of the other previous 'ultimate' versions. Thank you for listening to the concerns of those of us who are anti-change.
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    I’m now gas hoarder. Never know when the tanks will go empty.
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    Long time bro. How you been. Them radios been growing.
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    Love the 30 Gas in Shop. Make it permanent.

    I am OK with the revised rewards.

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    Love the 30 gas!
  • Firekid
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    Ok loving this gas! Haven't run out since Wednesday! Also looking forward to the shorter wasy rounds (not this week obviously as have just levelled up to 24 and have 12 round passes!) it's gonna be brutal. But the week after that it'll be so nice to get to the point where it's a challenge quicker.
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    The extra gas was great! Of course more rewards are always better so increased trade goods, tokens and phones are always appreciated!
  • Kleisti
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    Love the Gas
  • Kleisti
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    Kleisti said:

    Love the Gas

    Love the extra cards too. Kepp the gas at asll times!
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    Quoting yourself lol, you don't get to see that often 😀