Leader huntsman Daryl weird behavior

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This screen is from Killing Zone, second round. I did a quick move with all three in the first round, and I passed, waiting in overwatch for two near walkers. First of them was killed by Michonne but Rick and Daryl didn't attack at all and Rick has been hitted. 😕 I know about the Daryl bug reported by @sbf but this seems different. No one of my survivors use Daryl LT and in this case overwatch didn't work but in a discriminatory mode, it worked only for Michonne to kill the first walker. This unpredictable behavior makes new Daryl pretty useless . @Kaz


  • Kaz
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    Yeah, it seems Daryl's leader trait is affecting all the attacks that doesn't happen in your turn.

    Both issues have been reported already and we should have it fixed in 3.1 (the next update) already! :)

    Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the walker slaps you took because of the bug! :/
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    I don't know why I posted it twice I'm sorry. Thanks for the answer @Kaz