Higher level walkers. How much luck is involved?

I'm very confused. I always get stuck at lvl 29/30 walkers. Round 18. Not all my survivors are maxed out (lvl 24) . I'm a lvl 69 player. Is it luck based? I have been upgrading my survivors as I get tokens and XP. I've used guild mates advice and it doesn't work for me. I really want to earn 1000 stars by June this year, as a personal goal. I'm stuck at 730 (yes I know that's pretty good) I'm just baffled at how my guild mates get to lvl 34 walkers and get 12+ round passes. They post videos and it looks so easy! So maybe the problem is my survivors aren't as good as I thought they were?
If anyone can give me any insight in layman's terms please do.


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    Damage reduction and razor are the two main things which will help get you further. Try to get a bruiser up to 80% damage reduction, add a few health badges and use it as the focal point whilst your other guys attack from a diagonal. Dodge/hazard are helpful as they can decrease the amount of damage you receive significantly. Survivalist Rick and Riot Gear Glenn are two really good heroes to build a team around. Razor will help you to stun enemies so that you avoid taking hits and to deal more damage so they might not get chance.

    It is a luck based game though at it's core though so if you start a mission and razor, dodge, hazard, threat reduction all trigger often you will find that you have a much easier time than if you get unlucky and none of them trigger. If you load up on enough of these really useful chance based traits chances some of it will trigger.
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    Good advice there already
    Badges make a huge difference (as mentioned Re. getting bruisers to 80% damage reduction, which can only be done with badges added to survivor and armour traits)

    And at that level (29/30 mentioned) gameplay changes a lot, due to the bodyshots kicking in:-
    Ranged shifts to Sasha in lead, and instead of goal = kill, that shifts to goal=hang back & get charged (then kill).
    Melee shifts from aggressive offense, to calculated team-based moves. Gold Razor is a must!
    Bruisers become central (need punish & retaliate as well as 80%DR)
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    I agree with what others said here. Good equipment and badges make a huge difference. Also, Getting a good bruiser and using him has allowed me to get further than I thought I could.