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This has probably been mentioned but I really want a new trait for armor that makes other survivor types move as a scout moves. It can be called Roadrunner and you could just put it on bruisers and warriors but would be nice to put it on shooters as well.

I know we have weekends that add movement to certain survivor types but would be nice to have a permanent addition as well at the sacrifice of an additional armor trait.

Or if NG would like to make money add it as a special functionality on armors and sell it in bundles. I would be willing to shell out money for that.


  • xbamfx
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    How about name it “lightweight”
  • xbamfx
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    I wouldn’t mind an exclusive armor for GW that stops bleeding/full fire resistance trait. Call it “toughness”
    LOL make that a hole Winslow a gnat plus fire resistance against humans
  • Phalanx44
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    I'd be cool with a "lockpick" trait that has a 20/40/60% chance to reduce the turns at a gate/box by an extra turn per turn.

    So, a 6 turn gate could be opened in as many as 6 turns (like normal) or as few as 3, if the trait activates often.
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    Love the roadrunner and lockpick ideas... would welcome either one w/ one condition, retire bullet dodge :-/
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    @xbamfx love this idea, although already have fire proof but could call stab vest and stops survivors entering a bleeding state.
  • Grady
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    DonCoqui said:

    Love the roadrunner and lockpick ideas... would welcome either one w/ one condition, retire bullet dodge :-/

    Or merge with bullet dodge to avoid diluting the pool and make good combinations hard to find. e.g. Training Gear is definitely useful in some circumstances but people don't like to have it on most of their gears.

    It would make sense too, you are running so fast that you could dodge bullets! :)
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    Lol well that got him banned 🤣🤣🤣
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    Lock pick is a great idea.
  • LoneWanderer360
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    I think they should add Shane as the next character. His leader trait will be the ability to one shot kill his own team mate and get an additional quick move.

    Say you are surrounded by walkers. You kill your team mate and the walkers start to feed. Then you use the additional quick move to make it to the exit.

    I think it would be useful in the distance. I don't know how many times I've had 2 in the exit desperately trying to survive while number 3 is tied up in a struggle.
  • ShadowWalker
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    I think it's time we get a new gear category, shoes! Perhaps we will have to craft them and they can add one additional stat or ability:

    Sneakers: +1 space movement

    Combat Boots: 10% Damage reduction

    Training Shoes: +20% exp on kills

    Crocs and socks: the comfort level adds +20% Health

    Fluffy Bunny Slippers: makes your movements quiet to not attract walkers

    High Heels: Only 1 action allowed but increases lucky by 20%

    Give us Stabby Rick in High Heels!!! We demand it!!
  • Renopwns
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    I love this thread, keep the ideas coming guys!
  • Killdozer187_
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    AA-12 shotgun

    If you're not familiar you tube FPS Russia AA12 😎
  • MrLucky
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    How about C R E E P Y E Y E ?
    Attach it to the next Hero Glenn. He will shock any level Raider just by seeing his creepy "Lucille eye" !
  • Governator
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    I think a "walker guts" trait on armor would be cool. Like givng you an 80% chance of not having a walker go active or 100% chance of being able to run past a walker without it trying to attack you. Similar to Huntsman Daryl's ability except it only applies to walkers and you don't stab them along the way.
  • whitek111
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    I just think since their are special functionality weapons that basically have 4 traits what about armor. Have a riot gear set that has a built in 20% DR or like i suggest with lightweight to have other types of survivors run as a scout. Or heck the guts idea is impressive cause then you make survivors run past zombies but your not giving up traits.

    Obviously these would all be for sell cause thats how most special functionality weapons are but i might open my wallet for some decent armors like these.
  • LoneWanderer360
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    So far I like the lock pick and guts ideas a lot. Both would be cool.
  • huskersoxfan
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    I would be for changing Tara’s trait to ‘War Medic”

    Maybe something that doesn’t help much in the map itself, but if used as leader helps speed up healing of team after the mission by a certain percent after GW map.

    Would make her useful at least.

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