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finally reaches

I created TheJusticeSquad after a few months of playing the game, it's been one hell of a journey & an amazing learning experience.

TheJusticeSquad has always been a Stand Alone Guild (no family affiliations) so it's definitely been a challenge but against all odds we became the Top Guild in Australian region some months ago and have remained untouchable ever since, even at times with as few as 17 members.

Firstly I'd like to thank all our current & previous members for getting us to this millstone! It's been an awesome experience and I've got to know many of you very well. We've been through some tragic and trying moments but we've always held together strong. I'm extremely proud of you all.

Getting my guild to the million star millstone has been a huge personal goal, I'm hoping TheJusticeSquad will continue to be a strong guild and overcome any future obstacles. I'm not sure where I will personally go from here but I hope you all appreciate all my efforts to build TheJusticeSquad to a now noticeable force. Whatever or wherever my path takes me, I will always be there for you all.

Thank You All Sincerely!
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