Dont need xp with upgrade coming

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Give us something we can use now plz, Legendary Components maybe


  • Mystique
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    Upgrade a bunch of gear as an XP bank for the next update!! :wink:
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  • PigBenis
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    As @Mystique suggested (which is what I've instructed my guild mates to do) keep the equipment upgrading on any epic and legendary gear you can. Prioritize any gear you think you will use but don't stop there. Non-ideal gear can be used as an XP bank that you can scrap on a 2X XP scrapping event or when the update comes out and there is either 5 sec survivor/equipment upgrades you can buy an XP booster or use the free one to get the most out of your junk gear.
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    Toons also make an excellent place to store some XP...

  • Metal
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    Good idea my bad