Man....Really need some serious help here. Hopefully this can be the start to our solution.

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@Vane @Mystique

Man, our Guild, Four0Six really got screwed about an hour ago. One of our Elders kicked everyone out of the Guild, and then left herself. We have restarted the guild, but our all-time stars are gone, and we have no way to contact about half of the members in our Guild to rejoin. Roughly half of us are on our GroupMe chat/FB page.

I am praying that someone can restore our Guild the way it was before Dixie basically imploded the Guild. Our leaders name is DirtyDijana, and that's her gamer tag as well. Please help, and we would like to see Dixie banned from the game so she doesn't do this to another Guild. What can be done? We are a serious Guild that was basically torpedoed by a member for no reason.

Thanks in advance!


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    Remove the name from your post and pm @Vane about the situation.

    No witch hunts.
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    Done, but disagree with your logic.
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    I do hope you get reinstated. Good luck!
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    @jimmorrison369 thanks for the encouragement. Wasn't expecting this today.
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    (Just saying) >:)
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    That's legit! Don't even know her! LOL! Gotta get @Vane on it before tomorrow! We lost everything.
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    Not sure why I was tagged! But this is definitely not the first post post of it’s kind.

    So your elder kicked everyone out, but the leader remained.. (elders can’t boot leaders) So your Guild all time score should be intact! You’re concerned about each members all time score in the guild? Not sure anything can be done about that!

    But as was said in your other post, be very careful who you make an elder.. some guilds promote solely based on star count (which is crazyyy imo)!

    Try pm’g @Vane as was mentioned! You can also post in Guild Recruitment section that you are looking for your former guild mates.. some may see it and find their way back! One reason having all members required to have an outside chat app is very handy!

    Good Luck to you in finding your missing guildies and/or rebuilding with new ones! :)
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    @Mystique , thanks for the advice! I tagged you because you have that cool "Content Creator" label behind your name! LOL. I did message @Vane, and am awaiting reply.
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    It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a thread like this because most of us have learned the hard way that we can’t fully trust anyone 😂

    Going easy on the elder promoting would be step one. Total domination by a leader that is of course active in the guild, isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it keeps the dirty hands of others from the boot button.

    Having a chat outside of the game is always a good tool for any reason you’re locked out and might keep the tantrum temptation of dismantling at bay.

    Hopefully y’all can rally and find your way back home.