Suggested Weekend Event(s) to Calm the Storm

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@Vane I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to explain to all of us on the forums what's been going on with the Challenge and lack of round passes. I'm sure that most people here appreciate you being so transparent even though many are pissed that the grind is back for a 2nd week in a row.

I also appreciate NG's compensation bundle and 5s upgrade times even though it's more or less the same as last week. It will still let me play whenever I have the time and not force me to wait for gas to generate.

With that said, I see that players are understandably upset. I thought I'd throw out a few "mob-quieting" ideas for you to consider and bounce off the team if you see fit. I'm not asking for anything, but if even 1 of these ideas were implemented, I believe it would go a LONG way in the community right now and I'm tired of seeing the negative feedback and all of the shitstorm threads.

1. Offer up some legendary gear in the TG shop that can be purchased with XP...we will be swimming in it. Something like Morgan's Staff, Rosita's Concussion Rifle, Rick's Mace, armor with awesome traits, etc. Players will voice what they'd like to see.

2. How about an early release of L26 base gear in post mission crates that we can upgrade?

3. Starting Thu-challenge end, have a component event with better chances of finding them in post mission crates. Also have components available for purchase in TG shop using XP. I also believe players would like to see trading 5 rare metal for example to get 2 epic metal (basically double rewards for component exchange).

4. Not sure what NG had planned for the availability of gear upgrade tokens, but what if players were given 2 to use this weekend plus had the option to buy more with XP in TG shop?

5. Personally, I'd love to see new hero tokens (Huntsman Daryl, Stabby Rick, RGG, Sniper Morgan) available in TG shop in decent amounts (50-75) to be purchased with XP.

Please pass these thoughts on to the team if you feel it's something that still needs to be discussed. I know some players in my guild still can't login and that's why I don't feel this issue has been completely resolved.


  • psychwolf
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    Reduce the cost of resetting the distance or better yet, MAKE IT FREE.
  • PigBenis
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    > @psychwolf said:
    > Reduce the cost of resetting the distance or better yet, MAKE IT FREE.

    I don't believe this would work because you would have a substantial group of players who have already completed it twice for the week and would likely upset them. I believe my ideas are more or less all-inclusive and wouldn't infuriate anyone else if implemented.
  • psychwolf
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    I've already reset it twice. I don't want to spend any more gold doing it again. Or time. So they should double the spring tokens for completing it once.
  • Ermaks
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    a radioactive event would be wonderful
  • PigBenis
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    And if they double it now since it wasn't planned, it would likely piss off those who have already reset it twice. I can hear it now "So unfair to double it now...had I known this was going to happen I wouldn't have spent the gold..." I'm sure you've seen the likeness in threads pertaining to other topics. Plus, what does resetting the Distance give you as an end reward? Mainly the 2 legendary frags and the spear...I'd rather see them in the TG shop this weekend for XP so I don't need to play Distance for them. I would still continue to play Distance however, to ensure that I got them since I feel they are worthwhile items to earn.
  • psychwolf
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    I'm all for throwing them in the TG shop too.
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    Well @PigBenis here I am again agreeing with you.

    I've seen lots of players trying to capitalize on this drama, which is lame and disgusting. But your suggestions are fair and worth looking at.

    I think swapping gear for XP or something needs some coding and that will not happen. But there are other ways.
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    @Troublemaker to the contrary, there have already been supplies for gear with fixed traits exchanges. I think they can literally replace the SUPPLY variable with XP and that should work.

    Great suggestions @PigBenis. The underlying theme is that we will have way too much XP from grinding all weekend, so please give us something valuable to use it on. End-gamers are most affected by this as their survivors and gear are maxed, yet they are the ones that have to work the hardest to get back to a reasonable playing level.
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    Im old school have the herd with higher chances of radios & combine it with the radioactive anything less is a just a slap in the face.
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    I dont want any compensation... I only want video evidence of NG fucking themselves since they have no problem fucking their players.
  • NerfZone187
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    > @Governator said:
    > Has anyone suggested they actually fix the game? I know that’s thinking “outside the box.” :neutral:

    I rather watch them go fuck themselves.

    I'm a sicko