This Week's Schedule: More Info About the Weekend and the Challenge

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Hi there!

As I mentioned in the previous update, we've been working on getting people unstuck after loading a broken challenge map during the past 24 hours as our absolute priority. We are still doing some final implementations and check-ups, but pretty much everybody should be able to log in to the game by now. If you are still not able to log in or know somebody who cannot, please send me a private forum message with the in-game nickname and guild, and I will attend to it right away!!

As the situation now is closer to being stable with accessibility of the game, there is more time to focus on the current in-game affairs. We're very sorry that we couldn't address it earlier, as all of our resources were put into fixing the situation with people unable to log in.

So! Due to the repeated technical issues with Round Passes and progress in Challenges in general, together with the 6-day boosters that were added for claiming yesterday and 5 second upgrade events, we are going to have something special this weekend (plus one extra day, as the Challenge has also been extended until Tuesday, March 19). These changes could not be applied right away (meaning today), as these events require some time for setting up, while our team is still busy making sure that absolutely everyone is able to access the game. This is why it will start tomorrow and continue until Tuesday!

Here is a list of the events and things that will happen in the next several days, starting from tomorrow (March 15) at 9.00 UTC, and until Tuesday (March 19), at 13.00 UTC:

- Radioactive Event + Jackpot Deluxe events together
- 250 Gold sent out to everyone
- Healing Cost reduced by 50%
- Guild Gift prices halved

Also, 3 special calls will be available during that time on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which combine parts of the special Christmas Call we had last Christmas and 4x4 Calls:

- From 9.00 UTC Friday (March 15th) to 13.00 UTC Saturday (March 16th), Double tokens for Scout and Shooter Heroes Hero-Fest Call (full list: Survivalist Rick, Huntsman Daryl, Aaron, Merle, Gabriel, Carol, Carl) AND Double tokens for Scout and Shooter survivors, plus 1 extra roll on top!
- From 13.00 UTC Saturday (March 16th) to 13.00 UTC Sunday (March 17th), Double tokens for Bruiser and Assault Heroes Hero-Fest Call (full list: Riot Gear Glenn, Abraham, Rosita, Negan, Morgan, Governor) AND Double tokens for Bruiser and Assault survivors, plus 1 extra roll on top!
- From 13.00 UTC Sunday (March 17th) to 13.00 UTC Monday (March 18th), Double tokens for Warrior and Hunter Heroes Hero-Fest Call (full list: Sniper Morgan, Michonne, Sasha, Dwight, Jesus) AND Double tokens for Warrior and Hunters survivors, plus 1 extra roll on top!

*(it means that on the according day of the doubled survivor class tokens the base scrapping token value of survivors (original rarity at which survivors were obtained) is also doubled, but it doesn't double the tokens invested into survivors)

The current Survivor Fest call will end on March 15th, at 9.00 UTC.

Due to being locked down during the past day, some players also were in a situation where they could not collect daily Spring Tokens. This won't be addressed this weekend, but we will come back to it later, likely next week or the week after that!

(I do understand that some players currently have a lot of extra XP due to the current setup of 2x XP and unlimited gas together, especially after having it last week, and combined with the Jackpot Deluxe event it doesn't make the situation better, but unfortunately I don't have a quick solution for it right now.)


Personal thoughts from Vane:

It is of course a very troublesome situation that these things happened with the Challenge during the past 2 weeks, especially in parallel with the Guild Wars issues that we are still working on. I want to say personally sorry for every person affected by this; these problems deeply touch me, too, and it can be sometimes difficult to find right solutions and communicate things very quickly and right away. I am very sorry if someone felt let down by us due to these errors, lack of communication during the hours we spent figuring it out and resolving the issues :(

I want also to share with you a bit of background on what has happened during the past 2 weeks, so everyone is more aware of what has been going on. The reasons for both issues that happened with the Challenge are in their nature very different and caused by totally separate factors: first issue with the Slaughterhouse challenge was caused by an identification error in the Challenge timetable on our side, which was quickly fixed as soon as it was found, but the Challenge has already started. With Season 7 Challenge, the map Daryl's Nightmare was broken - and while we had this Challenge several times before, this time the Challenge map was somehow found out to be missing from the client, completely unpredictably. We are still investigating what is the root cause of this and when exactly it happened. And unfortunately, once the Challenge is started and maps are loaded, changing them causes the whole Challenge to be unplayable (so the only way is to restart the Challenge), so maps in the Challenge cannot be changed on the fly. It is extremely sad that these problems happened in the first place, and even more sad that it so randomly happened 2 weeks in a row, which nobody could foresee. The Challenge that is going on right now is the Challenge that was in the schedule for the next week, but now thinking retrospectively, it could have been switched to something different for this week (we unfortunately can't change it anymore).

And please by no means take that as my (or our) justification of these problems, I am not trying to take away the blame from ourselves, I simply want to share more information with you as I feel that it is your right as a community to be in the know of such things. You guys also offered a lot of great solutions, some of which are unfortunately not possible to be implemented technically (for example, changing the Round Passes dynamically for different number of Rounds played, right now only fixed number of Round Passes can be given for the whole Challenge), but I do keep notes of your suggestions and ideas and always try to bring them forward!

It really sucks it happened at a time like this, while I am still getting to know you guys better and trying to establish more communication with you. Being on this position during the past few weeks, I have been working on some really interesting things I want to announce and share with you, some of which are happening thanks to your help as a community, and very unfortunately, these recent events are taking the focus away from it. I really hope that we can live through it together and start a better and cleaner streak as soon as possible, working in a direction for more game improvements and better Walking Dead experience, it is just that times right now have become quite troublesome, and I do take it very personally, too. I really enjoy being here with you and I love our NML community, your warmth and friendliness, and I am really sorry again that these errors are spoiling your gaming experience, and most importantly taking more of your own time, as no one here deserves this kind of thing.

Myself, I think that I am going to take a break from playing the game for today's evening to take a step back and cool off after this, and continue playing tomorrow when the events are on & running for the weekend, to get some Jackpots and radios!


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    250 gold is not enough by far. Make it 2500...Still hope you forgot the zero
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    Enormously generous and excited to get digging in to some farming.

    Been a while since I was excited to farm...

    Good times

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    I was apparently far too optimistic with an event being great. I don't really care to spend days farming missions to get 300 phones. It's just not worth it to me when it results in at most, 12 decent calls but 75% of the time we get green goblins. Gonna take a hard pass on this "event" and compensation.

    Though there are some decent calls, they only benefit players who already have lots of phones or players that will buy lots of phones. I am neither. And with the calls being one on top of the other like that, it makes it less beneficial to take advantage of. I suppose I could buy 5 phones with the 250 gold...

    Just my two cents.
  • Pain Walker
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    I personally wasn’t affected with any of the issues except the loss of round passes so everything that’s being give and will be given for free is awesome

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
  • romeo
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    Madly Deeply Thank you @Vane
    I don’t have many radios right now but i sure will farm with a 😊
  • vshield50
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    > @General_Pain said:
    > Aweomse!!!
    > I personally wasn’t affected with any of the issues except the loss of round passes so everything that’s being give and will be given for free is awesome

    Vane has been doing great with us even outside the forum. A real asset to the game and the community. Nice to see the support Pain... 😉
  • RoadRash
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    @Vane Big Props for communicating the issue and for owning it. I know I personally was very upset and the passion I have for the game started bubbling up and converting to anger. That being said I feel the compensation is good, but more importantly your explanation and communication was open, honest, and onpoint.
  • Firekid
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    Thank you vane for the update and the explaination behind the cock ups.
  • Teh_Damin
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    Again you guys showing a lot of understanding and support. While the compensation may not seem good enough for some people, I appreciate the long post, the calls, the radioactive event and, generally, listening to what we have to say. It gives the idea that we have actual impact on what is happening in the game, which is not that common in nowadays mobile games.

    While I also got a bit upset about recent bugs and so on (and it made me kinda cringe on the thought of coming back to the game for another 6 days free gas), I kind of got some of my motivation back from your actions.
  • Deadheads
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    I take it none of the heroes during the special calls will be doubled though?
  • Jankel
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    I believe that all the staff are doing their best and have heard what we were asking for in terms of compensation, maybe gold is little for investment but it can be a goodbsolution. Anyway, sorry for Vane having found himself in this situation so quickly.
  • Reeconn
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    With a council update coming in the next few weeks how about making all the building upgrades at 50% less supplies
  • Bod
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    Thank you @Vane I fully understands it's not a stroll in the park doing your job
  • mcbkhicks
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    Need the herd with higher chances of radios like it use to be, during the radioactive event but glad all is gettin sorted out
  • sicron
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    edited March 2019
    I believe the multiple event is a nice compensation. As a mostly f2p end gamer the combination of free gas and reduced healing times will give me the ability to go further than normal.
    About the lack of communication. Although I don't really care about it since as you said when you knew something you would inform us, there was a vast number of people asking the same thing and I don't know if that could be prevented by making more announces.
    Don't know if the open phone calendar is associated with my comment requesting it, BUT if it is I think people would be a lot more happy with SRick, HDaryl, RGGlenn and Aaron 15call double heroes and survivor tokens.
  • afroponix
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    Excuse me, but fixing a problem that NG created with an event that can only be participated in by buying phones with money is not worth my forgiveness.

    I won’t reward NG with my cash for these errors.

    And as someone said above 250 gold is a slap in the face...there should be a zero added to that. Make it 2500.

    It is amazing how you can throw together a K.A.Z. Challenge with a days notice with no issue and then we have round pass disappearance issues 2 weeks in a row with normal maps...right before a council upgrade, and offer an apology that requires money spent....what a con job.

    Edit: In all seriousness you guys should gift everyone 2500 gold and give 1000 phones out for this multi week mistake.

    After all, you should be able to never have to give us an apology reward again like this if NG was able to promise this could never happen again, and if they can’t they shouldn’t be in this business
    Guts & Glory, not always in that order.
  • Stalker20
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    Thanks @Vane and all the NG staff, these events combined with the gas and xp booster are great and from being aghast at having to grind through a challenge again I'm now excited for the weekend.
  • Billbam
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    Thanks for all your information! As to the conspensation..GOOD, not great but does show some support to the players. Agree gold is a little light considering how much we grinded last week and this week to get through the challenge in a reasonable time (didn't have time to wait for hospital visits.) As to the over flow of XP how about a trade good item using XP rather than trade goods similar to the tomatoes for XP trade, maybe for badge fragments/components (was hoping this would be paired with the jackpot/radio event as a threesome. Again thanks!
  • bladgier
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    edited March 2019
    Nothing to seee here, I got over excited and... Nevermind 😁
  • MacV
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    @Vane It's apparent you are listening, and I am glad of that. Keep in mind the continued problems have already cost us some valuable players. There is no compensation for that kind of loss.
    When we lost our RP last week, quite a few of us spent a mountain of gold for healing to push as much as we could to regain our RP level. 250 gold is not a good enough compensation for that. I am not sure what would be, but it was an expensive week and now we have another expensive week. Reducing healing helps, but some of us will still push harder than usual to regain the RP, so we are still not compensated for the extra cost.
    The radio events are solid, and glad to see that.

    It is discouraging to note that as long as NML has been up and running that NG is having these kind of issues with game stability. I have a LOT invested in this game, so I want you all to succeed. Thanks for taking our comments to heart. I hope everyone as NG has a very successful problem solving weekend.

    p.s. I'm kinda surprised to read that you have time to play the game at all right now! lol
    MacV (Trinity)
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    @Mario_Romero I had the exact same thought. I can't imagine players will want to spend all of their free time grinding for phones. Many are maxed on supplies already and with the 2x XP/5s upgrades 2 weeks in a row now, many have little left to upgrade that is worthwhile. So scavenge missions will be done for what? Phones? I could pick up an extra day of work and spend $20 to get as many phones as grinding for a couple of days and have a lot of extra time and an extra couple hundred bucks in my pocket, but I'm not going to do that. Instead, I will most likely get to my guild's star min even though it's not being enforced this week, and I will more or less be done with the game until Mon when Distance resets. Saving my booster for next week hoping there will be a good weekend event.
  • Killdozer187_
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  • pirate1125
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    For 2 complete disasters in a row this is hardly enough.
  • and98
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    edited March 2019
    a gift sent and his gold is gone, seems to be enough 💩💩
  • DrEvil76
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    I truly feel your pain. I’m a casino host in Las Vegas, and our casino is going through an entire card system change. Folks are not happy, and we are all busting tail to do what we can to make it better, but we are all getting hated on everyday. Stay strong, and keep Whackin’’ Walkers!!!
    Dr Eviil 76, Leader of the Misfits
  • NerfZone187
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    > @pirate1125 said:
    > For 2 complete disasters in a row this is hardly enough.

    2 would be a DOUBLE CRAM!
  • Pic
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    I'm still upset. But glad you owned it @Vane I can respect that and appreciate it.