This Week's Schedule: More Info About the Weekend and the Challenge



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    Oh and Pic Leader of the Mavericks OG misfits =) 😎 had to tease you! @DrEvil76 nothing but ♥ buddy
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    Thank you for the weekend events we will have, they are really good. But I confess that I expected more reward, 250 gold is insignificant so we had to spend last week thinking we would have our round pass for this challenge.

    I have already reported another topic, that without the round passes, we are losing around 200 stars per player in my guild, which means less individual rewards and less guild collective rewards, that is, we are getting fewer radios and boxes TG in the challenge due to the disappearance of the round passes. So I was really confident that NG would be more generous in this situation, and I thought of a bundle of rewards with at least 1.000 gold, 500 radios and 10.000 TG boxes.

    Another point that I would like you to understand is that it was very distressing to stay for about 14 hours without having any kind of announcement, news or novelty about what was happening. We are here in the forum, not only to complain, but somehow to seek some kind of support, and the feeling was of abandonment in the face of so much time without any kind of response from NG. What I'm saying, even though there was nothing really important to be said about you guys from NG, it was important for us to see that there was some kind of attention, so I think this made the forum members very angry.

    I still believe that NG can give us a big surprise tomorrow, with a much better reward than just 250 gold, plus a reward that's really fair with everything that happened, a gold reward, radio and TG boxes.

    Come on, @VANE, do your magic and make it happen.
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    Yeah... After NG did the horror show 3 weeks in a row we definetly need some real magic to stop player exodus... I know quite a few so excited that they'll get 250 gold back for their 6-10000 gold spent in the last weeks that they said will dissappear like Houdini and also the game from their devices... Real 250 gold horror magic...
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    What a mess. The 250 Gold is nice, but really insignificant. You can't even reset the Distance with that. Gotta come up with a one-time, mind-blowing array of compensation for all of the real money I have spent on the game. I'm at the point after this that the hero calls are too expensive, and It still doesn't help they are 40 radios each. I am so close to uninstalling the game. I just needs a reason to go on.
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    Thanks for the detailed explanation and for all of your guys hard work during this difficult situation @Vane ....shit happens and the important thing is what we all learn from it. Appreciate all the freebies and extra events too. 👍
    Co Leader of Trinity.
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    My proposal for a good compensation and mutual happiness would be a combo special Screw Up Bundle that has 5000 gold 500 radios 15000TG and 500 tokens of Michonne Rick and Morgan tokens at a modic price of let's say 35 dollars. That will bring back a lot of players in good mood and also a good revenue for NG. Also it should have the option to be bought twice. @Vane
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    > @PigBenis said:
    Saving my booster for next week hoping there will be a good weekend event.

    Pig, you're posts are always such a treat. So passionate. But I did have one question?

    Which event might you be referring to? Nearly all of them running at once this weekend so I'm just curious lol.

    ((Radios + jackpot + 5 sec survivor upgrades + 5 sec equipment upgrades + x2 XP + unlimited gas + reduced healing))

    @Vane it seems like your feedback is mostly positive except for the gold amount. ^^^^

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    I still don't understand how you simply can't re-calculate the number of RP's everyone should get and just give them to everyone. These are numbers which should be in the database on your side, right? Should be a simple update query... Or have you actually lost the data one way or another, and don't have any backups? You do take backups, right?
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    > @ATLAS-Z said:
    > > @PigBenis said:
    > Saving my booster for next week hoping there will be a good weekend event.
    > Pig, you're posts are always such a treat. So passionate. But I did have one question?
    > Which event might you be referring to? Nearly all of them running at once this weekend so I'm just curious lol.
    > ((Radios + jackpot + 5 sec survivor upgrades + 5 sec equipment upgrades + x2 XP + unlimited gas + reduced healing))
    > @Vane it seems like your feedback is mostly positive except for the gold amount. ^^^^

    I'm looking at it like this...we would have had a weekend event anyway, and Radioactive is a fairly common one. Yes, they did extend it for a day but that will only take away from time required to play the Distance (along with the reset) and next week is a GW week. Players are bitching about the grind from no RP but now you are telling me they are ok with it seeing as how they will get a couple hundred phones in post mission crates to use on calls that will most likely result in 64 survivor tokens instead of 32 with the doubled calls? The 2x calls running in close proximity does nothing for most players who have few phones. Only hoarders will take advantage of this event, otherwise 90% of the player base must pick and choose which calls to do to get their green goblins. Also, the radio calls end before Radioactive event, so we have even less opportunity to use them.

    End gamers are sitting with full supplies and nothing to spend them on. XP is full as well since we just had 5s gear and survivor upgrades. This event running AGAIN in such close succession does little for me and likely most other players. Yes, I COULD farm XP to store, but that's not worth my time since I have so much upgraded already. It would have been MUCH better to offer legendary gear, phones, components, hero tokens in the TG shop for XP. Give players something to spend the XP on. Offer legendary weapons a la carte for 200 gold in gold shop even. Most of these events are very redundant in providing XP when it's clearly not needed by most.

    Guild gifts half off...not sure about you but I get gas or XP 75+% of the time and that's the last thing I need considering the 6 day booster. The Jackpot Deluxe portion might be the best part of this event, but unless they remove the XP from crates or give us something worthwhile to spend it on it is just another thing that looks good on paper.

    Healing Times halved...they have done this event the past few times on GW weekends if you hadn't noticed. We are robbing Peter to pay Paul here because we likely won't get it next weekend when it would be more beneficial. And I COULD push further this weekend in hopes of getting more RP for next week with the healing times halved, but the past 2 Challenge weeks have been fucked and I have absolutely no confidence that round passes will be back next week. When is the last time we had a smooth GW week? The best predictor of the future is the past.

    So any of these events would be cool on a NORMAL weekend. But with such a fuckup happening, and running them all at once it is truly something that looks far better than it is. It's like a store giving a customer $1 million worth of free merchandise with the caveat being they could only take from the store what they could carry in their arms in a single trip.

    Spread things out. Let us know when the radio calls will be active over the next 4 weekends so we can plan and accumulate phones. Give out 120 free phones prior to each special call so there is no need to waste time farming phones. Throw some nice legendary gear in the TG shop for XP so we can upgrade it this weekend.
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    @WellyLuga as a mostly f2p end game player the rewards together with the events will give me a chance for a personal best score. I saw a lot of comments saying that people had to spend more gold than usual for heals to gain their passes and I really don't understand why. You don't spend any gold for heals at low levels. High end players had to play more, sure. But it doesn't really take that much time to go from 18 to 27 and if you reach high levels you already dedicate some time to the game so the time needed to pass through the early levels isn't really that much compared. Frustrating sure, but no connection with the increased gold for heals. And mid to low level players who were complaining about the challenge ending soon, well they got what they wanted.
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    Now I know what's going on....
    NG does a stress test, not with the system, with the head of communications 😂.
    Congratulations, passed @vane 😘
    And I also have a long wish list, but actually I find the compensation decent and appropriate, and I belong to those people with many round passes.
    The "smaller" ones profit more from it, they should, we need many good players.
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    @sicron look at this pictures... If you think this was done first try you are very wrong... Took me about 5 tries... And there are 6 missions there... Behind corners was the worst...
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    @vane. Nice works and as someone in the business I feel the pain you have had. I appreciate your honesty and efforts.

    It’s a shame that the rewards are so poor for the hassle. I won’t waste time explaining as many posts have covered it, but 2 points

    Tomatoes and xp. Don’t have to explain the problem
    And radios, more gold and gear is that we need!!!!

    It seems that @vane you have tried but NG as usual are too greedy. I don’t want more grind was bored last week, Little confidence thus won’t happen again. Seems they think we will all be happy and start spending when the games has a “good week”

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    @vane Acknowledgement of the problems is good. However, the one thing missing in your message is the articulation of NG's plan that is designed to prevent these problems from happening again.

    NG has had multiple similar problems over the last few months. These problems have cost NG dearly in terms of both revenue and customer goodwill. NG is no shape to afford the loss of either.

    Players (customers) want to know that these problems won't happen again in the future. They invested their time and money on this product with some reasonable expectations of availability and quality. At the present time, there is a lack of confidence in the quality of this product by the customers. The only way to re-establish confidence is to tell players exactly how the company will prevent the reoccurrence of these problems.

    If there are no major steps being taken to prevent these problems in the future, NG should just be forthright and say so. If there is a plan forthcoming that will be messaged to the players, then that should be communicated as soon as possible.
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    @Sebi I asked why should a lower lvl start have effect over the gold you spend to reach your normal RSL. It's not like you don't spend gold the other weeks. You lose stars and a couple of hours to storm through the early levels. Your pics are relevant to the problem concerning the need to have gold in order to go high in the challenge, not the question I asked.
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    @Vane poo on the whiners! You hang in there bud, you're doing an AWESOME job, especially considering you've had nothing but heart aches since you took over for kaz!!
    Thanks to you and NG for all the compensations, I wasn't one of the unfortunate ones that had to go through the issues but I greatly appreciate the rewards!

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    @sicron , Having to play this immense amount of initial rounds at low level, you take much longer to reach the high level, and when you get to that high level that begins to suffer damage, you have no longer to wait for the survivor to heal in the Hospital, and so have to spend gold to accelerate the cure, because the challenge is at the end of time.

    In the normal running challenge, with the round passes, you can reach the high level faster, and have time to wait for the survivor to heal in the hospital, without having to spend gold.

    So yes, playing as early rounds of low Level makes you spend more gold because you don't have time to expect to heal in the hospital.
  • sicron
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    @TCBRITO That would be the case if we didn't have a booster though. Maybe a few levels less on the first day? And we had no triple rounds.
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    I agree with @sicron wasn't going to say anything, but it's true.

    The grind sucks, but it's time lost, not extra gold when free booster is factored.

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    It is extremely time-consuming to get to RSL 38, 39 and 40 have to start RSL 18, this has nothing to do with gas Booster we won for free, because almost all elite players have always had to use gas accelerator, even starting at RSL 28 (with the Round passes)
  • sicron
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    @TCBRITO It is time consuming. But since the introduction of 30gas in the shop, reaching 38 without a booster is doable. When there is no booster, I agree 100% with you. The main problem for me is the gas cap at 29. If I don't log in often enough to keep my gas refueling I'll stay behind and won't have enough time to go as far as I would like considering I don't buy boosters and I spend maybe 150gold on average per challenge.
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    I’m happy you are trying to compensate us for the issues but double experience points don’t help when you get mostly canned tomatoes & you’re maxed out. I spend a lot of money playing this game & very disappointed in how this is being handled.
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    OK, I’m good now, thanks.
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    @Vane, just change the name of the game to The Crawling Dead: NML. Boom. Problem solved. 😜
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    @Vane thank you & NG for fixing us up for all of the recent game setbacks. Don't stress about the people still complaining. Those are the kind of people who, once their panties get into a wad, even Hugh Hefner can't straighten them out ;)

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    thanks for the compensation
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    afroponix said:

    Remember, these are the people screwing up.

    Maybe they should have less burger parties and spend less on their office kitchen..

    250 gold...absurd.

    The company “burger party” was 7 days ago...interesting timing.
    Yes, but still ppl with friends, families and lives.
    Nothing is 100% in this world, god knows my Dodge Ram keeps getting recalls.

    I think we received a pretty good compensation and I'm just glad @Dodkong didn't boot my ass from the guild.