ZWeiHander stinks



  • Belgarath
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    The name might fit, but if it only stuns on a charge attack it would be wasted on an outpost defender...
  • General_Quatre
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    Is anyone waiting to claim until we know about the council upgrade? 'cause in theory we could claim this weapon at base lvl26, no..?
  • romeo
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    No. I think that’s why they’ll introduce the new token to upgrade our gears after the update
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    Is anyone waiting to claim until we know about the council upgrade? 'cause in theory we could claim this weapon at base lvl26, no..?

    I am waiting ... if possible until council upgrade.
    But would have to make a bruiser my first upgrade to claim at lvl 26

    SCBMA Member Posts: 2,352 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I am waiting to claim until after the update also. I hope the time overlaps because I do not need another base level 25 weapon.
  • Governator
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    Plus, the scrap value increases at Level 26. :lol:
  • General_Quatre
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    The in-game announcement said that update 3.2 would come before the next GW (which starts in 2 weeks + a day), so my guess is 3.2 will drop Tuesday April 2nd. The Spring Event ends April 3rd. How long after these event ends are we able to claim the rewards? A week? More? I never kept track before, so anyone who knows please enlighten us.

    So assuming it takes ~15M+ tomatoes to upgrade the Training Grounds (and 20M for the council off the bat), and assuming one can farm a couple million tomatoes a day, that means that with some grinding one could have the Training Grounds and their first survivor upgraded ~10 days after 3.2 drops (April 2nd), AKA 4/12 or thereabouts. This is assuming no gold to rush upgrades or buying tomato bundles, but rather grinding tomatoes using Glenn/Scavenge missions (and no helpful events, which **HINTHINT NG** WOULD BE SMART).

    So I would hope that the Spring weapons could be claimed a good 10-14 days AFTER the event's end, to give us a chance to get our bruisers and scouts up to the next level.

    What do we think? A good chance?
  • Firekid
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    I think they’ll be a slightly longer break between guild wars due to the update and the time to “polish” the guild wars. Basically wouldn’t get your hopes up.
  • bladgier
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    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Zweihander stinks
    I haven't smelled it though
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    wat does it smell like?
  • Metal
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  • mongo_nine_one_one
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    All the calculations in the world, will not prevail...

  • 6ix9ine
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    Zweihander is a joke and we should All be pissed off about the time,money, effort we put into a worthless special weapon ! NG needs to make the Zweihander BETTER for All of us !!
  • ShadowWalker
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    I actually like the Zweihander, although I was hoping for gold Charge instead of lethal. It's been pretty useful in this challenge with these fatties. Everyone complaining about it probably has a bunch of hockey sticks/Morgan staffs they paid for. It's not really fair to be comparing it to arguably the best weapons in the game. I do admit a wide attack would make sense for a longsword. NG will probably release one that we will have to pay for though :(
  • Zette
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    Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from... especially after seeing the complaints in here but I used it yesterday in the challenge and was very pleasantly surprised! I didn't think I would like it because I would prefer concussion on bruiser weapon so I swapped out negan's Lucille and let him take this for a spin just to see...I used hunter Daryl as lead and negan actually took out a lvl 33 walker on a regular hit. Was planning on doing the kill with another survivor, so it surprised me when it dropped on 1st hit! None of my other survivors can straight up take out a lvl 33 walker on a regular hit. Maybe a shooter if the critical triggers along with a leader boost like Merle or Abe...but yeah, I think I'll keep it now!
  • Metal
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    Well when you get to higher levels and your single hitting your armored walkers without stunning them let me know how that goes for you, it’s a low level weapon
  • Firekid
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    @Metal unless you use another bruiser to stun the armoured walker and the bruiser sword to take some serious damage off it? And as said above what about those pesky fatties who won’t stun, isn’t it better to do more damage than to hit them with a wooden stick? I think it has its place as a weapon and like that NG are trying to do something different. Still think it should have had some sort of arc though.
  • WellyLuga
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    edited March 2019
    I think it was never intended to replace the staffs at high level. NG will do well to create a weapon that's more powerful than that.

    It's a flair weapon, similar to RPG, it will never be the best functionally but should add variety and a bit of fun to the game. I think NG has other things in mind than what will work best at RSL40+ and that's the category this weapon falls into.
  • Governator
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    It might have been fun to see this have the reach of a spear.
  • Troublemaker
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    Zweihander is a tool to help bruisers deal with fatties on very specific occasions.

    I'm using it on "Yard Work" this Challenge (currently on RSL 40.2), for example.
  • psychwolf
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    You know it sucks when you immediately see it in an outpost.
  • Killdozer187_
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    So should I unlock it now or wait until i farm 100 mil tomato soup in 24 hrs?
  • Billbam
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    Pretty sure the clai

    Zweihander is a tool to help bruisers deal with fatties on very specific occasions.

    I'm using it on "Yard Work" this Challenge (currently on RSL 40.2), for example.

    Exactly the use I used it for at 39.1 for big boss and yard work....added more ruthless from equipment and stun resistance and he was able to help Stabby Rick just enough to get the fatty before he pounded bruiser to death.
  • Sg_Death
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    Yes can be usefull but armor with stun resistance and ruthless, a must.
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    I think it's great :)