Report any issues here! (War on April 6 - April 7)



  • tutiac
    tutiac Member Posts: 11
    I keep being kicked out of the list of players signed up for the wars.
  • zbot
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    @tutiac are you signed up for an extended period? There’s a 4 hour limit, after 4 hours you need to sign in again.
  • xMelx
    xMelx Member Posts: 15
    I got kicked off the list twice as well. Something is Definetly up with the hunter Daryl. I notice him shooting twice as well.
  • Jenng
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    Not to be an ass, but just as a tiny, sliver of encouragement @Vane ........ I used all 3 keys and I’m issue-less!!!! So put me on the fine list. Mark me as survived test Wars day 1 or whatever.

  • Abryk
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    Played one war this morning. It was okay until about 45 minutes in and then scores stopped registering and I stopped getting credit for killing the enemy, on four battles. I killed the game, relaunched it, and couldn’t get back into Guild Wars. In fact, it couldn’t load guilds and gave me the option to join a guild. When I relaunched a second time, I could get back in - but it still didn’t register my scores. The end result is that my guild lost a war we would have (and should have) won.
  • JediMasterYoda
    JediMasterYoda Member Posts: 80 ✭✭✭
    Hunters still can't kill a row of Walkers when Winslow is in the mix.
    Is this a glitch that was supposed to have been fixed?
    Otherwise, GW seems to be running okay!

  • MrLucky
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    Except for the slo-mo, then freeze/reload at the start of our first battle, the continuation and other battles were error free for me ... although my Elder
    @Jiangshi_Jaeger was plagued with every kind of issue from blank screens to fighting the same enemy over and over and getting no points, to freezes, to reloads ...

    Spare a cup of sugar? You just got attacked by
    The Neighbors!
  • jrodrf2
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    Just checking for those saying Hunter Daryl is shooting twice: are you taking into account that he has retaliate as one of his traits and will get an extra shot at you if you shoot him?
  • WickedDaemon
    WickedDaemon Member Posts: 3
    Enemies found, but not playable. Three times in a row.
  • Carly
    Carly Member Posts: 1,000 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Opponents score jumped up and then back down during 7pm CST battle.

  • dovey
    dovey Member Posts: 48
    An example of the scores fluctuating back and forth in a tight battle.
  • THCross
    THCross Member Posts: 476 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Day one I used all keys
    But got kicked out of game 2or3 times per war
    The lag in missions is unbearable
    Android loading times are worse than ever before (previous war I tweaked background processes and boosted everything on performance for the game. I managed to get to a steady 500)
    Now I can bearly get 300
    And yes one team gold heal even for 15 s

  • Stalker20
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    @Vane this video shows the points fluctuating up and down.
  • xiaofei66
    xiaofei66 Member Posts: 42
    Three issues

    1 second battle had me fighting humans? Got kicked out of game five or six times. Killed all the humans twice, but no way to end battle. Finally had to flee to get out.

    2 game froze on the screen showing my team the last several minutes of game. Rebooted a few times with same result, so could not enter new battle last few minutes.

    3 after most battles the screen showing the three available groups of battles would briefly appear then the battles would go blank. Had to hit the back button each time to get them to display so I could pick a new battle to enter.
  • Billbam
    Billbam Member Posts: 1,179
    Used all 3 keys no issues except the score bouncing all over the place as the match progresses. No major issues reported by guild mates either.
  • TheWizEd
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    I successfully completed a GW battle but no reward points were displayed. Instead it went right to the tile set. Just as it displayed I noticed a team mate had killed the Enemy in another tile in that tile set. So I'm thinking the tiles were eliminated from play including the one I just completed so no reward.
  • johnacuda
    johnacuda Member Posts: 80 ✭✭✭
    Still having performance issues with an Android device. Lots of waiting loading, and lag. Restarted prior to battke, closed all other background processes. The field doesn't feel level, and I am not enjoyibg GW.
  • Stalker20
    Stalker20 Member Posts: 1,301 ✭✭✭✭✭
    ^ that is an issue that needs sorting, I'm seeing players double my score because they are on ios and I'm on android. In 6 battles they can buy another weapon or more!
  • Nommae
    Nommae Member Posts: 32
    Just two bugs for me:
    1. My keys never reset today, was just left with the 1 I had left over from yesterday.
    2. Can't preview the rewards in guild shop by clicking them which I believe I used to be able to do.
  • Gabija
    Gabija Member Posts: 1
    My guild was winning and from the other's guild only 2 people played and they got over 600 points while we had over 900. The war was about to end and we were winning, but the last minute our oponents score was miscalculated and we lost.
  • Goatlips
    Goatlips Member Posts: 99
    No real problems, just that the orange enemy icon sometimes disappears and isn't clickable, until I back out of the page and back in. I think it happens when I ignore the enemy icon the first time, leave it for someone else, and do another mission, and when I return the enemy mission, which no one has attempted, disappears.
  • Kara
    Kara Member Posts: 25
    Scores keep going up and down. Attached is screenshot of score going back down several seconds later.
  • Kara
    Kara Member Posts: 25
    How do you lose this many points in 10 seconds?
  • danny_sulca
    danny_sulca Member Posts: 29
    Can we keep the points after this war test? Or they'll be cero "0" for the next one?

  • Tish
    Tish Member Posts: 8
    This is getting tedious. The same problems every war. I complete an area and find the enemy. My screen goes back to previous page and it does not show I completed anything. Then I go back in to kill the enemy and that is not shown either. It looks like no one was there at all. I actually completed one entire section of shields and the enemy in the forest and it showed nothing. Just all the shields with question marks as if no one had been there. I have seen this happen to many of our guild members (The Khalasar). The games freezes or kicks me out entirely.
  • DcM
    DcM Member Posts: 7
    Played all 6 keys and was knocked off game 1 time. A couple others in guild got kicked a few times but this was marked improvement for us at least. We saw the score bouncing but didn't have issues at the end of the war, score looked right.

    Suggestion. Have people provide their phone/tablet data when asking for feedback. Might help you narrow down issues quicker.

    Me iPhone 8s, latest iOS version.
  • brezysaid
    brezysaid Member Posts: 2
    Kicked out of the game. Game also froze several times. Scores seemed way off during those particular games.
  • JTanner
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    Major issues with this last guild war fought tonight (that started at 9:00 pm eastern time). I was frozen out of the game completely for the first 20 minutes of the war. Once I was able to get back in the game, I was able to play about 5 maps before it started freezing at the map loading screen and then reloading over and over again. When I finally got back online at the end of the war, it said I needed to join a guild..?! Lastly, when I was able to rejoin the battle with less than a minute left, it had put me in a level 33 map (which originally was a level 30 map prior to it freezing on me). Very frustrating when this happens and our guild ended up losing by only 10 points.

    p<<img src="" alt="" />
    src="" alt="" />

    My game name is Tanner. Guild is Badger Hounds.

    Let me know if I can provide any additional info from my end. Thank you!
    Co-Leader of Badger Hounds
  • refman64
    refman64 Member Posts: 11
    Still seeing wonky things. Games scores going up and down by 200-500 points. Scores not adding up. Enemies with ninja skills. Better, but not quite where it needs to be