Allow me to reintroduce myself...........

Jenng Member Posts: 3,361 ✭✭✭✭✭
With one of the most depressing days in NML history I almost forgot that after years of grinding the shit out of the forum I am “the all time leader. “ a leader board I’m finally qualified for. Lol 😂

But I will also answer to queen leader, Princess throatpunch, most exquisite of all time leader jenng.
I beat your ass DLich :D:p

Of course my extreme victory comes on the exact day that Guild Wars........... my only reason for playing......... is taken from me. :# Time might be short.

Thank you community for all the lol’s, awesomes, likes, agrees and even the disagrees and jss’s, I guess.
in lieu of crowns, jewels, and red gas if you would please gift me gif’s and memes.