Boomer farming

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With all the bugs and issues with guild wars, with the stagnation of outposts, with the lack of story modes, you guys found time to limit boomer farming? Really!!?!? That's what you had time to fix?!? You couldn't find time to add a weekly leaderboard for players in three years, but this? This you can find time to fix instantaneously? The one thing that I enjoy which gives players a tiny, tiny advantage.

Priorities, man. Priorities.


  • xbamfx
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    What the hell is boomer farming lol?
  • jester
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    On Fire in the Hole, you could camp a tr scout where the boomer spawns and kill 100 boomers for 200-300k xp. Or lots supplies with Glenn. It wasn't game breaking, but was fun.

    Now they've limited the boomers which spawn.
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    I gave up farming xp on maps like 2 1/2 years ago! 😬
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  • jester
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    For the most part, me too. I just enjoyed this one.
  • xbamfx
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    @jester I’ve never known wow didn’t know you could do that but I’ve also never had issue getting xp. Safe to say you’d agree that’s a minor issue compared to most everything in the game lol. I see it’s fun for you though so I can understand you feeling bummed out. Guild Wars was fun for me although I wouldn’t mind them tweaking it a bit to be more user friendly as far as time constraints.
  • Zette
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    I quit farming a while back too, since we have to do them over and over til ur just sick of doing them but this 1 was fun! Was already aggravated after reading GW's won't be happening for a while, but when I saw this map, thought I'd have a little fun. That didn't last long. Kinda tripped me out that they would actually have time to tweak that when they really need to be fixing other things.
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    This just shows how NG is prioritising income. Their data analysis showed that many players were farming XP and tomatoes, no more!
  • NerfZone187
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    A new initiative I can fully support.
    Boomer farming!
    Excellent idea @jester