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    @Jenng I appreciate all your posts but I've never laughed so hard before today, I had to give you a shout out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    And welcome @Fluxxx
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    tristaniz said:

    My Morgan, Jesus, Sasha, Eugene, Negan, Rosita can't wait for traits changing B)

    sadly Rosita's leader trait is useless for an assault :(
  • Grendel
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    How will Follow-through work for weapons that target multiple walkers (ie Morgan's staff)? Does "Adjacent" mean next to the actual walker you highlight to target, or next to any of the group of walkers included in your multi-attack? (Important to know for bruiser charge attacks for example.)
  • Urbanjesus
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    > @Timyun said:
    > No new heroes! I am crying to a shock. :'(

    Especially since hershal and Tyrese are both in the other NG TWD game (the VR one).

    Maybe we'll get a season 4 reboot after the summer token event.
  • rogueDS
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    I'm all for the reinforcement token change not to shabby it will take a little over 2 weeks to collect the tokens needed. In regards to re roll traits we will see if chance of trait is equal across board or if it is 50% bullet dodge and 2% ruthless and so on. Also for heroes 2 to 3 months is a long time for 1 trait roll depending on level of trait .
    So far good job NG can't wait for update to happen.
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    The update is tomorrow, 11/ 06/ 19?
  • Bloodundertales77
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    when the update comes out??????
  • Burmeliinis
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    First impressions

    - Great that you now are getting rewards for high points in the challenge, with rewards at 2,025 personal points and at 30,000 guild points
    - Trait reroll tokens are a great addition as it allows you to improve the heroes you have invested in instead of waiting forever for a unicorn. It will improve Heroes over regular dudes even more, though.

    - Sucks that there is little happening on the Guild Wars front

    - There will be a lot more drain on trade goods as you'll need 10,000 a week for the reroll tokens and 8000 for the reinforcement tokens

    - The follow through trait doesn't sound very good
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    I'm gonna save that baby and then feed it to the walkers for making me wait so long.
  • jrodrf2
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    This update sounds great! (So long as everything goes as planned) All good things that appear to benefit the player. Can't wait to make Eugene into a Eunicorn!
  • Burmeliinis
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    edited June 2019
    Forgot to add that the value of pink stars is decreasing all the time. Each pink star allows you to advance through one additional level in the challenge without problems, which is worth around 100 stars so not a lot compared to the cost.
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    > @Burmeliinis said:
    > Forgot to add that the value of pink stars is decreasing all the time. Each pink star allows you to advance through one additional level in the challenge without problems, which is worth around 50 stars so not a lot compared to the cost.

    I would say 100, not 50 but agree with the rest.
  • Burmeliinis
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    ignas said:

    > @Burmeliinis said:

    > Forgot to add that the value of pink stars is decreasing all the time. Each pink star allows you to advance through one additional level in the challenge without problems, which is worth around 50 stars so not a lot compared to the cost.

    I would say 100, not 50 but agree with the rest.

    Yeah you're right of course. Forgot that it's two rounds and not one. I'll edit my post.
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    @Burmeliinis one additional pink star does practically nothing at RSL40 lol
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    Om, nom, nom. Double XP with welcome gift + 5s upgrade = ...leveled up Eugene!!!

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    Welcome @Fluxxx !
  • DrUnpleasant
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    edited June 2019
    Anyone else having problems using the in-game guild chat since the patch? Can't post messages in mine.

    *edit* - turns out they appeared when I closed down the game and reopened it, so some kind of issue on the first update? Working fine after a restart.
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    Welcome @Fluxxx 🀘 congrats on the new job
    Now to business
    To impress us....
    Good start would be a "Welcome xxx flu" badge and competition on the forum
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    While it will be nice to not need to watch so many ads any more that movie room change is a massive reduction in fuel and gold. You were pretty much guaranteed to get 2-6 fuel plus 1-7 gold an hour from those ads so that change has probably wiped out half my gold income and 30% of my fuel.
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    Welcome @Fluxxx

    Big shoes to fill! Tiny outfit as well.

  • TransmuteJun
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    Great to have you with us. Fluxx!

    There are some awesome things about this update. The last chapter in the story mission has blown me away, and I haven't even played it yet! I have been asking for this for more than 3 years, and it feels so sweet to know that I will finally see the outcome! But that baby;s name had better be Stu... ;)

    I also love that now we don't have to watch videos to open extra mission crates! I'm not sure how that benefits NG, but I am enjoying it all the same.

    The addition of tokens to upgrade gear and to re-roll survivor traits is also appreciated, although I am wondering how many of them I will realistically obtain. I guess that is to be seen.

    I am a little disappointed about the cinema changes. Yes, I had to watch 4 videos an hour, but I feel like i got a lot of crates for it. 4 crates per hour is way better than 1 every 8 hours, even if that 1 is a guaranteed silver/gold. It feels like there will be a lot less gas earned from cinema crates now. :(

    I am looking forward to the summer event, and hoping that everything is obtainable given my summer travels.
  • Billdinger
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    My favorite part of all of this is the Trait reroll.....until I saw just how shi**y this was designed. The garbage traits (Vigilant, Overwatch, Bullet dodge, etc...) cost far much more to reroll for than the desirable ones such as Punish, Revenge, Retaliate etc.......Another intentional plan to screw people out of money.
  • Goatlips
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    Main @Vane, are we not meant to have an icon for the Summer Tokens event yet? It's called Gunpowder Summer?
    Its icon appears briefly after I've completed a mission and returned to camp, then disappears.
    I reported it as a bug, but it's not actually meant to show at all yet?
  • Firekid
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    @Billdinger what do you mean it cost more for those traits?
  • Goatlips
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    > @Fluxxx said:
    > Thank you for the warm welcome guys, I appreciate it very much πŸ˜™
    > I'm still settling in, but I'm looking forward to getting to know most of you, as well as to listening and discussing all kinds of topics, issues, ideas and other NML-related things (we can talk about other things too... except politics). But yes, I want to facilitate constructive conversations both on the player and the NG end so that we can work together on improving NML 😊 @Cronus ...damnit! I googled xxx flu at work. Hope the network police dont come and get me😜
    > I tried it at work too, time to pack my bags
    > PS. enjoy the update!

    "Irrelevant to thread topic. DELETED!" (Moderator)

    LOL I hate forums with a passion!
    Never yet had an explanation as to why mods play God over deleting posts added to 'old' threads, and then complain about making a new thread about a previously discussed topic. I guess this virtual ink really fills those servers up. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘
    ...Maybe I should just leave. πŸ‘
  • Billdinger
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    @Firekid To take Bullet Dodge off my 7 Star shooter costs 600 tokens. To take Ruthless, Sure Shot, or Marksman off her, it only costs 500 Tokens.
    To take Retaliate, Ruthless, Iron Skin, Strong, and Punish off my 5 Star Unicorn Bruiser, it's only 400 Bruiser tokens.

    Unless this is intentional and I missed it, it looks like the crappy traits cost more to reroll. This would be typical NG.
  • andy75
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    @Billdinger it’s in the update notes. Trait level not type determines cost.