How did your IGN develop?

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I'm sure many are interested in hearing how some of these thoughtful IGNs were developed!
I'm curious on
@Whomever else that wishes to participate

My IGN is Pic if you don't know me. I'm one of the founders of Mavericks. And now the head leader

My IGN originated when I was a young kid. I was in and out of programs. Not the let's help a kid grow the let's slave the kid til he understands the meaning of work program. I was located at a boot camp a friend of mine named Martin always had a problem pronouncing my last name. Idk if you know but you go by last names in facilities like this.
He began to call me Pic my last name being piccolo. I called hlm "A Dog" we both related because we had asthma and we shouldn't have been their to begin with.
Then after awhile a deputy named Ms Snypes started calling me that. It was catchy. So I kept it.
They worked Martin to hard and he died reaching for his Inhailer. I was 10 feet away. But I wasn't
allowed to leave the line. Martin died that day. Due to the lack of medical knowledge they know. On top of him not breathing.. They pepper sprayed him for not follow directions. So I've kept the name. It fits me.
I could have saved his life. I'd like to think so..
Any other interesting facts about your IGN? RIP Martin Anderson case. Martin Lee Anderson (c. January 15, 1991 – January 6, 2006) was a 14-year-old from Florida who died while incarcerated at a boot camp-style youth detention center, the Bay County Boot Camp, located in Panama City, Florida, and operated by the Bay County Sheriff's Office.


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    This is a great community post @Pic. Your story is very emotive and your are very brave to face your demons and share it with everyone, while also honouring Martin's. Thanks and congratulations.

    In my case, "Troublemaker" comes after a few dramas that I caused way back in the day in Conquer, with brazilian players and here in the forums. My original IGN was "rfg1982" - completely terrible. I had made it out of a rage moment when I was trying to set up a PS account and everything I tried failed, so I just put in my initials and birth date. When NG allowed us to change IGN I took the moment to add some value to one of my best skills: trouble-making! bwahaha

    4 years have passed and I'm still working hard on it.

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    Ty tm ❤️
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    Funny thing about my one is that my friend back in the old school days like 13 years ago called me just that and at the time I thought it was some kind of a not known underground rapper. I think I've asked him then what it was at the time but there's no way I could recall the answer. Since then I had that nickname in every game. I tried to Google that years after and there's nothing. So I don't know what it means but it just seem to fit.
    Probably fits because of my surname which is Bladowski. From that people I know in rl call me "Blady" which in literally translation to English means pale.
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    Wow what a story @Pic, mine is very simple. Interest and economy didn't allow me have a phone for quite some time, when I finally got an smartphone I had to do manually update so I searched and learned how to do it, in the process I saw this app as recommendation, I like the show so I gave it a shot, when ask me the name I said umm I won't put my real name here or what I used in console, why? Because was my first game app (and so far, only daily game app) and I really thought I wasn't going to play more than a week tbh, I was doing zapping on the TV and I saw a mime on it, the nonverbal expression based on body and gestural lenguage in spanish is called Mímica and that's how my IGN was born, totally random and with no relation with me but I got attached to the name and the amazing ppl I've meet here too so I have no reason to change it
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    That is damn awesome. And a cool ign at that.
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    Nobody else? Jesus
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    Pic said:

    Nobody else? Jesus

    Paul - he's called that because he kinda looks like Jesus... I guess. :D

    Well, I wish I had some awesome tale or something, even though I have not been personally tagged... but I'm boring - Jaden is just my name. :sweat_smile:
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    My gamer handle comes from the far, far away days of Star Wars Galaxies and old-school WoW (like Burning Crusade WoW). I was (and still am) very heavily into PvP gaming, and "pwns" is a gamer term used when you completely trash another player ("You just got pwned, newb!"). Reno is my actual given name, and the moniker RenoPwns was created.
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    I loved the Playstation games God of War and the main character is Kratos. My son used to sit and watch me play and after a while he started calling me Kratos so I started using it in my mobile games also.
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    When I downloaded NML I didn’t know it would have a social aspect to the game lol I thought I’d be solo in the apocalypse and so I just used my name jenn ( Jennifer) that forum name was already taken when I eventually found my way here 🤷‍♀️ and then coincidentally my last name starts with a G so I’m real next gamey ish. 😁

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    Like several of y'all, mine's just my name...Suzette...just chopped off the beginning! Lol!
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    No comment 🤣
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    My name was provided by SkyNet because I have no imagination. :sunglasses:
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    Mine is super boring as well. 1st 2 letters of my first name, and my last name. Wish I had something more exciting to tell!
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    Tbh it's not a bad IGN. Didn't think it was that simple. @StHall