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  • LilTex
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    Sorry guys...I meant “way in advance”..splchk has a mind of its on...
  • Nativedrums
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    The new war sign up is crap...only allowing 5 people to play in a war. That means some players won't be able to play if the guild does not have a full 20 players. It also sucks we cannot play in more than 2 wars.
  • maverick9
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    > @jrodrf2 said:
    > > @maverick9 said:
    > > Ok thanks @ATLAS-Z we don’t have a full guild, only 10 active so it’s a lot of slots to be filled and with only 2 times to play just seems little.
    > >
    > > I still don’t understand if the 2 times we get to play means for the whole season? If so, with half a guild it’s going to be over fast for us... we’ll only be able to play 2 wars or so I think if all the players even can gather together to play at the same time. Guess I’m just confused, and don’t know where to get more information.
    > With 10 active players, you would be able to participate in a maximum of 4 battles during this war.
    > Also, with the new setup you (and LOTS of others, from what I read) need to change the mindset from "playing at the same time" to "playing on the same day." Each battle lasts 22 hours, so pretty much all day. As long as you can coordinate 5 players to all play on a Wednesday (or other day), you'll be good to go👍.

    Ok thank you @jrodrf2 I think that’s what our group is going to try and do, lots of work arounds lol
  • WellyLuga
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    LilTex said:

    Sorry guys...I meant “way in advance”..splchk has a mind of its on...

    FYI - there should be a little cog symbol at the top of your posts. You can click that and edit your posts after you have posted them if you make a mistake :smile:
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    > @WellyLuga said:
    > (Quote)
    > FYI - there should be a little cog symbol at the top of your posts. You can click that and edit your posts after you have posted them if you make a mistake :smile:

    Yeah like I do some every other post lol. Damn autocorrect gets me every time.

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    Are you Lost? Alone? Looking for a killer team to have your back?
    Join ZOMBREX! We have a tiered guild structure so players of every level and ambition can find a home they fit in.
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  • Pandreq
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    Quick question - due to a communication problem, we didn’t get 5 members signed up for the first battle so we are missing out. The question is - those players that are registered, does this count as one of their two days that they can play on? We can’t withdraw now, we are still showing as signed up.
  • Steeboon
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    @Fluxxx my guild mate just started his battle but unable to start as his missions countdown(golden twin swords icon) is at zero instead of twenty.
  • Cammy
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    The game only giving 20 Attacks for the battle. Really? How am i going to play once its finish? It will replenish for the next battle which each player can only sign up just for 2 battles. We have all day to be in the war which im not able to be in the war zone once the Attacks is finished! So dissapointed as we also dont have a chance to collect more bonus and VP!

    What happened to the GW gas? I had few hundreds gasses back then. With the gasses i manage to collect more VP!
  • ToniStoraro
    ToniStoraro Member Posts: 14
    Can we please get to see attacks remaining for our teammates and enemies?
  • WellyLuga
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    @Cammy GW gas was supposed to be redistributed so there may be an update on this. Many players spent real life money to get some of that gas so I'm sure there will be some sort of compensation.

    Each player can play 20 attacks in two separate battles. There will be some strategy regarding the best way and time to use your attacks, for instance the weaker members of your guild may need to clear the earlier missions and then the stronger players can take over later in the battle. The mission difficulty has been ramped right up with missions as high as RSL43-45 so it's good that it lasts all day, previously with a 50 minute battle a heavy injury would need to be healed with gold and if not you would be without that survivor for that battle and the next 2-3 after it. At least this way you can come back to battle later on without having to spend gold.
  • Galex
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    Всем привет, мало того, что вы не можете мне решить проблему с моим новым телефоном, а именно Redmi Note 8t и я не могу играть в игру через свой новый телефон, что само по себе идиотизм. Так вы еще ущемляете меньшинства?! То есть если гильдия представлена 1 - 2 игроками, я даже не могу принять в войне участие и заработать поинты, чтобы получить награды. Я очень разочарован вашей игрой и подходом к игрокам. Всем хорошего дня.
    Hello everyone, not only can you not solve the problem with my new phone, namely Redmi Note 8t and I can not play the game through my new phone, which in itself is idiocy. So you still infringe on minorities ?! That is, if the guild is represented by 1 - 2 players, I can’t even take part in it and earn points to get rewards. I am very disappointed with your game and approach to the players.Have a nice day
  • arturdj
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    I am disappointed of new formula of GW. Why are we limited by only 20 attacks without any choice to get more? I was looking forward for GW since months, but in such scenario I do not see any sense to play with. There is no emotions at all.

    Regards from Poland.
  • Drhoo
    Drhoo Member Posts: 131
    Is this the result of a year of development?? I call it an insult towards players :(
  • magic
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    If they can't join a battle, then they probably won't be able to fight either.
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  • MrChris
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    But still we would be able to start 8th battle and take some reward and victory points. It needs to have 5/5 filled slots, not 5/5 active players.
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  • Zette
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    > @MrChris said:
    > Leader should have an option to move players between battles or to add them manually. There are few players in our guild who rarely communicate and we can't fill all battle days without their reaction. If some people can't follow simple instructions, leader should be able to fix it with some other way than kicking them from guild.

    Having leader throw in unused keys would be awesome but if they couldnt do that, at least on maybe the last 2 days of battle, the game automatically throws in any remaining unused keys so anybody signed up for those days will get to play also if those days aren't filled already.
  • Soundtrax333
    Soundtrax333 Member Posts: 5
    I am a bit disappointed, I have been preparing for the event for 2 weeks and there are too many absurd limitations, as in the battle inscription, where you cannot register freely and censorship at 2 days is more than absurd, as the Guild Wars fuel limited 20 fights without being able to win it in any way, and on top of that you need a lot of gold for the wounded. There are limitations, or remove the issue of wounded in combat, or remove those limits of absurd and meaningless participation. :(
  • DebSS
    DebSS Member Posts: 1
    Im so disappointed with GWs. :(
    Limiting to 20 missions is DUMB!
    Limiting to 2 battles per war is DUMB!
    You just get started and then you're done.
    The difficulty is way too high too early in the battles for lower levels to play.
    Come on NG we want to play your new & improved Guild Wars but you've made too many limitations!
    Players are going to lose interest!
  • maverick9
    maverick9 Member Posts: 4
    I started off playing not realizing I only had 20 battles, I kept losing some battles and having to try over because of problems with the game. So I have to agree with that. You take on enemies or you are not sure how to battle with your group exactly and you don’t go very far. It actually not any fun at all there’s too many rules.

    I can see giving us some limitations but 20 battles with these high levels and we have to take on human enemies and they take out our players and we have to try over and over? Just makes what I thought was going to be fun a whole lot of not fun...

    Just too little of amount would have liked to try and play more. I got to play 15 minutes that’s a lot of fun
  • EvandroSXavier
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    @Fluxxx esse erro será corrigindo hoje?
  • Firekid
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    edited January 2020
    @maverick9 You’ve got plenty of time to let people heal, you don’t need to rush healing.
    @DebSS take the top track, difficulty doesn’t increase that much even sanctuary 5A is only +5 survivor level.

    I do however believe that 30 attacks per battle would be better experience.
  • psychwolf
    psychwolf Member Posts: 1,404 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I was expecting much more. This is painful
  • Verdao1914
    Verdao1914 Member Posts: 73
    The most frustrating of all is to have dedicated my time as my guild mates to plan the registrations in advance, to motivate the players to register all so that we have the complete registrations with more than 24 hours before the battles start. And after all this effort, waking up today with the news that due to a bug we were out of the first battle, even with the 5 players registered.

    Spend all morning waiting for answers and when the bug fix announcement came, cheer up again, call everyone to participate and when entering the game you see that the fix did not solve our problem.

    Once again enter support, seek help on the forum and after a lot of work and stress hear that "we are unlucky and we will not have the problem solved".

    I am really very sad, stressed and mostly disappointed
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