Both guilds had a defeat?

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As already mention in this thread but it seems a separate issue so I'm creating a new thread:

So, our score has been like this for hours (4058 against 4057 so a victory for us):

But then in the end it all of a sudden changed to this (4058 against 4073 so a defeat for us):

But now we heard back from the other guild, and that is what they are seeing (4057 against 4058 so a defeat for them):

So apparently we both got defeated and nobody got the victory multiplier?
What's going on here guys? Can you please investigate and reward us with what we deserve (or them of course).

@Vane @Fluxxx


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    2 defeated guilds are not acceptable. The NG can calculate the points and declare a winner, or consider the 2 winners and the win multiplier 1.5% for the 2 guilds.

    It just can't stay as it is now, because 2 guilds with defeat is absurd.
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    Wow how is ng not getting back to us about all these bugs?
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    Similar crap happened to us @Vane @fluxx, our guilds were tied at the end and than out of no where our score spontaneously decreased. Despite thi glitch we still were in position to win, as our last player made a 20 point attack. He only was credited with 5 points, and we ended up loosing by 6.
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    Scoring definitely needs fixed, and to refresh’s very frustrating
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    yesterday i have more points before i use last 2 attacks in PvP missions, than after. da hell..... :/
  • Adamski316
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    Another example of score going down. Right after my teammate Lou completed a mission, the team's score went down
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    Have you submitted a ticket? If not, you could PM me the date of this battle?

    There's not much more I can say on this issue apart from the fact that we're investigating these scoring issues. Hopefully we'll eliminate most of them by next update - remember it's still in beta 😅

    PS. when submitting any tickets regarding issues with specific battle, remember to include the date of the battle (along with a screenshot of the relevant issue if possible).

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    We won that battle. 5 hours before the end of battle more than 5 people of us discussed how to use last 6 swords of Zdog. We made calculations and finally agreed to finish bonus 2 to be able to win. The final score was as we expected. So ; if they didnt have 1 sword that is definetaly Clear they didnt have from personal scores we won the battle. That is all.
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    @Fluxxx I opened a Ticket on the support, but the response is generic and unsatisfactory.

    This bug cost us more than 2000 points in the ranking, and therefore more than 10 positions in the ranking, which is important for us, as we are a competitive and committed guild.

    I would like the situation to be better assessed and the guild to receive the score, which would be 1.5X.
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    Sorry for my English, I am from Germany and a little older ;)

    The same thing happened to my team.

    The picture shows the end result of the guild war from the perspective of our team:

    This picture shows the end result of the guild war from the perspective of the other team:

    Both teams have lost and neither team gets more shop points ... winner is NG ;)

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    @Loewe1968 please submit a ticket. Also, trust me NG doesn't win here - we'd much rather just not have the issue happening at all :)

    @TCBRITO Unfortunately, there's no functionality to give VP as it isn't a hard currency. Support will look into the real winner and compensate missing RP from the missing bonus (keep in mind it takes a bit more time to look into this as it is not that straightforward), but not VP.
    I know it's not ideal, but once again, it is Guild Wars Beta. Later on when GW goes out of Beta we will reset leaderboards, so guilds can start on fair grounds.

    I'll be closing this thread, but if you've got more cases of this, please submit a support ticket and include the date of the battle and preferably screenshots as well.
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