Scavenger Mission Revamp

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Current Scenario:
In the Scavenger Mission page, there are 3 types of missions namely XP, Supply and Equipment to choose. Once I have chosen (e.g. Supply) and completed the mission, I am confronted with 9 reward crates. From these crates, sometimes you will get additional Supplies which is good, but many times you don't.

Suggested Idea:
The reason I chose Supply is because I need Supplies, lots of them!! I suggest that the rewards just give us Supplies (meaning a huge % chance of getting Supplies with a small % chance of getting gas, gold and phone only). Please DON'T INCLUDE XP and Equipment in the rewards. If I wanted these, I would have clicked the other missions.

Also, I would like to suggest to revamp the whole 9 reward crates jackpot style. The truth is, I'm sick of clicking so many times (max 11 times if you activate the free unlock and gold).

How To Go About Doing This:
After completed a mission (e.g. Supply), you get the advertised mission reward. Once you clicked 'OK' you will NOT see 9 reward crates. Instead, you will see this:

After clicking 'OK', you will see 3 spinning logos (for 1 second, just like the radio calls) and the first 3 rewards appear automatically at the first row (see above). The amount of supply for each reward depends on the chance. You will still have a chance of getting gold, gas and phones. Please, no XP or equipment rewards at all. You don't need to click anything at this stage except 'Continue' if you decide to quit.

If you decide to activate the free Unlock, you will see another 3 spinning logos for 1 second, and the next 3 rewards will appear automatically at the 2nd row. At this stage, you only click once for the free unlock.

If you decide to activate the 25 Gold, likewise another 3 spinning logos for 1 second, and the next 3 rewards will appear automatically at the 3rd row. Finally, if you reach this stage, maximum clicks is 3 times which include 'Continue'. At least, not 11 times.

The reasons behind this suggestion are:

1. When we do scavenging for a certain resource, the rewards should be of that resource as well. This will help us a lot! In rare occasions, we will encounter gold, gas and phones.

2. Automating the clicking process of the rewards saves time. Your finger and your choice of crates don't give you good luck. It's all in the random-generated chance and programming. Of course, saving time may not be in the developer's favor.

Likewise, if you want Equipment, click the Equipment mission and the rewards should mostly be Equipment. Occasionally, you will get gold, gas and phone.

What do you think? Please feel free to comment. Thank you.



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    Hi! In my opinion your suggest coul be, maybe, useful for supplies missions. But I don't think that most of the players don't like to find in the crates gold or phones that are very hard and precious resourses. All the weapons and equipments that are not gold, instead, are a total waste
  • Thunderstorm
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    The chances of getting gold, gas or phones in each Scavenger mission are the same for both current and my suggested idea. One difference is:
    - there are no XP and Equipment crates in a Supply mission
    - there are no XP and Supply crates in an Equipment mission
    - there are no Supply and Equipment crates in an XP mission

    If you go for the Equipment mission, it's not a total waste. You may get Epic or Legendary Equipment. All the other lousy equipment can be sold or recycled (as scrap parts in my Workshop Building suggestion).

    The other difference is, the number of tappings (clicking) is reduced and mostly automated.

  • Lucinder
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    Collecting supply right now is annoyingly way too much. Right now I stop playing because all I've done in this game is nothing but hunting resources. Only 10% of the time I can truly experience in-game content, the rest of it I felt like a garbage collector. This definitely ruins my passion for this game. NG either decreases upgrade amount or dramatically increases hunting reward. We really don't have the time of whole world just to be a fruit can hunter.
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    Then we max out and whine about having nothing to spend resources on 😝

    Game design is to make it a game of chance since they make more money on gambling than sure things.
  • ghost_pepper
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    ANYTHING that removes silver and brown gear from the game is good. Green gear needs to have the price to unlock dropped because new and low level players do need to use it. A case could be made for generic survivors from radio calls to still come equipped with silver gear. A case can also be made for silver and brown gear to drop in the story line since that's mostly an early player thing or for bored gamers running unlimited gas looking to pick up those last bits of gold.

    PLEASE ng make a new scavange type for crafting components! Do this so you can greatly reduce the chance of unwanted grey and brown crafting components in OTHER aspects if the game. If they show up randomly and rarely, some players will moan and some others will grumble. Fine. But if players actually want them, they should be able to go and get them from grinding.

    When you have a crafting event, THAT is when you adjust the drop rate for the chests in component scavange. The rest of the games chests could have a bump in that certain type of component, but bump every drop rate in component scavange. Make players make decisions about what they want rather than make us all suffer the same evil rng.