More attacks needed with the expanded GW

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Players need more attacks per battle. 18 attacks only allow a player to complete one and half sections. With the increased battle field and each section now has four enemy players to beat in order to complete, players need more attacks not less. Recommend 26 attacks: a player could clear 2 sections and one part of a bonus section. I like the expanded battle field.


  • rogueDS
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    If had more attacks I would need to spend gold which I am up for. I wouldn't go past 26. You have to remember they made teams bigger though. They made them to big though because cant have full battles. Should maybe be 3- 8 players not 3 to 10?
  • avelardez
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    Last GW was perfect with 25 attacks. This GW we need 35 attacks with all the additional added maps and just cut out the short cuts to give us more attacks or bring back GW gas to buy more attacks and time it to 2 hours a battle and have three a day and have it on Monday and Tuesdays. Have to modes. Normal and nightmare (buying gas mode).
  • rogueDS
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    This is my best ever rps 1563 in 1 battle. I got to doing 40s didn't bother with 41s because not enough attacks and others in guild.
  • WellyLuga
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    I personally think it's fine as it is, yes attacks are down per battle but you are now doing 2 per week rather than per fortnight and that there are up to 10 players in a battle.

    As @rogueDS rightly puts it's also kinder on gold spends if you are doing the more challenging missions. It's fine if you have gold to burn but with this amount of attacks you can afford to let your team heal naturally without fear of running out of time.
  • reekookr
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    Oh great, another A1 line warrior needs more attacks.. Why dont you play season level 1 missions, if you want easy missions to run endlessly? Some people here play the hardest missions, get 3 heroes to red after every mission and they surely dont want more attacks, cause the healing gets so expensive. I could live with 12 attacks each battle
  • Burmeliinis
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    Agree, 18 attacks feels like a very good amount.
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  • rogueDS
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    I am using all my gold for gw not mayhem event I will only reset once. Less attacks lets me heal better
  • Firekid
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    Something else to consider when asking for more attacks, GW is still fresh and new(ish) and yet already I’m starting to know most of the maps in my sectors. Having to do 50 a week of them every week how long would it take before it comes a grind like the challenge or the distance. Sometimes less is more savour it like a fine wine, you’ll be bored of this in 6 months crying out for more maps and changes to this and that. 18 attacks seems about right to me let’s all enjoy it before it gets old!
  • ADPaq
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    I don't know if 18 is the right number, but I definitely don't want any more attacks. Please do not increase them.
  • bladgier
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    For me personally it feels like 18 attacks (15 mins of gameplay twice a week) is not enough and I'd like to play more.
    18 does seem like a good number but perhaps 3 or 4 times a week?
  • Firekid
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    @bladgier just to play devils advocate but you don’t push as much in the challenge anymore and not sure if you still do the distance or reset it but these things apply add up, also with healing and doing the harder maps I couldn’t use all my attacks in 15 minutes if I tried. Spent 6 minutes in one 41 mission just then.