Guild Wars - 4-Enemy-Levels - Points depending on 4 different guild members?

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I am new to the guild wars. I like it, but there is one question and maybe you can answer it.

One of our guild members claims that there will be more points if the 4 enemy levels are also defeated by 4 different guild members instead of, for example, one member kills the 4 enemy-levels. (for example in 3-C)

Is that correct? I didn't find anything in the forum, or maybe I wasn't looking for it properly.


  • reekookr
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    Ahh the type of friend who believes in magic.. ;)
  • TJCart
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    The scoring for clearing a sector is designed to be the same whether 1 person clears it or 4. However, it could be possible that your guild mate found an exploit in the scoring system, as there have been plenty of bugs throughout the GW betas, including scoring issues (primarily with star hero). So if you’d like to believe in your guild mate, maybe your guild will have a secret strategy that will win you all the battles.
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    Thank you for the replies.

    I think the guild mate just wants to feel important, and all others followed him without thinking about it.
    Since our guild members live in different time zones this strategy took a long time to clear each sector and in the end we lost :-)