Survivor Deleted

Cherry62 Member Posts: 4

My 2 years old son accidentelly deleted one of my survivors. This is my shooter named Cherry, she had 4 pink stars, I was changing her badges.

I've been playing with her for 4 years...please tell me there's something i could do to get her back :-(


  • Burmeliinis
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    You could try to send in a support ticket
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  • fearofthedark
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    I did the same thing couple of years ago. I sent a ticket and NG told that there's nothing they can do. Just send a ticket and hopefully things has change since then.
  • romeo
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    They need some sort of security verification for deleting survivors imo.

    I did it before too and nothing they can do.
  • Wattlauefer
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    With the last update you can mark as favorit be click on the heart-symbol,

    Favoriting survivors equipment.

    We are adding an option to favorite your survivors and equipment. Favoriting brings the survivors or equipment to the beginning of the list. Favorite equipment cannot be manually scrapped, however if you are over the inventory limit, the lowest level equipment will still be auto-scrapped, even if they are favorited.
  • onesoul
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    If they can restore a scrapped weapon, i would think they can restore a survivor. GL
  • bladgier
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    I'm afraid they can't do that, they never could unless something has changed but I doubt it.
  • Liffeccand
    Liffeccand Member Posts: 4
    Yeah, I am afraid there is nothing you can do. I lost mine as well a few month ago.
  • cyclon98
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    A friend of mine had his weapon (kingdom spear) back after he deleted it by accident. Sending a ticket will help you I believe.
  • Burmeliinis
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    I think it's a difference between a lost weapon and a survivor. If NG can't actually restore anything, it will be easy enough to just give a new weapon (especially ones where traits are well defined, as in the Kingdom Spear), while it might impossible for NG to know exactly which portrait, which traits etc etc that your deleted hero has.
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  • Cherry62
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    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for your answers. So I send a ticket and sadly they said it wasn't possible to bring back my survivor :-(