Epic Games Launcher Issue

Why can't I play games from Epic Games Launcher on an external hard drive?

I recently bought an external HDD and installed Fortnite on it. The game worked fine, but as I disconnected the hard drive and plugged it again, the Epic Games Launcher was unable to recognize the game files. It asks me tells me to install it again.

Can anyone tell me how can I fix that? Тhank you in advance!


  • Schistermin
    Schistermin Member Posts: 1
    Run the setup again on the drive, as long as the drive letter is the same as when you first installed, it should work. If there is something else happening that the launcher does not like. It would be a better idea is to get a larger SSD or just keep fewer games on the thing.

    Which laptop did you use to play games? I am looking to get one myself, any suggestions?
  • Liffeccand
    Liffeccand Member Posts: 4
    Yes, weirdly it seems to be working now. Yeah, I should probably should have gone for an SSD.

    I am using Asus TUF Laptop, which is working great. I found some great laptops mentioned in this guide, you can go with one from there.