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Hello! Today in the guild shop we see new rewards. We are so happy that we have an opportunity to get Morgan staff (area stun). Thank you so much for such a good gift.  However it also makes a discussion inside our guild. It’s because some of us wanted to use that staff with tactic, others with lucky and some of us with interrupt. We just guessing , is it possible to give as an opportunity to choose  the parameter we like. It would be still possible to buy one but with a choice to pick one with special parameters. What do you think about that ?


  • mir
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    I agree Morgan's Staff is a great weapon that many have been waiting for,and I also agree that there should be a choice. The war will take a lot of time and gold, and it will be fair if the choice is wider and each player can take what he needs more.  As said above, there are a bunch of other perks for the staff, not just tactics. I hope it's not a problem to give the players a choice @Fluxxx ?
  • Fluxxx
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    Unfortunately, Guild Shop rewards are static as you can't select specific trait variations upon buying, so this is the only variation of the staff that will be available.
  • IgorGGT
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    Most players still don't have 80% DR so tactic is the right choice for the guild shop
  • Novell
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    Thx NG! I like your choice! <3
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  • Elias_Info
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    Спасибо за ответ. Но, если возможно, в будущем вы могли бы дать такую ​​возможность игрокам?
  • 3vilrine
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    Damn, Shooter Rick and Rosita tokens, that's all the community asked for. Thanks. All these rewards are worth to spent a couple of thousands of gold for GW. :smile:
  • WellyLuga
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    I personally prefer the lucky variant but the tactical variant is much, much better for GW. It is a shame we don't have a choice but you and your guildmates are arguably getting the best one of the three.
  • IcePeter
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    I’ll happily take it with my first 2000 
  • kookaburra
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    I have all 3 variations of Morgan’s magic wand and I use them in different situations. I use the tactical the most though, especially at high levels.