Forum Updated?

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Has the forum also been updated  @Fluxxx ? The picture has been changed obviously but I’ve got some boldness sprinkled around and the fonts are different. The discussion area stays bold on titles even after reading them. It’s done this before with previous updates, I don’t want to pre freak out or overreact if it’ll be “normal” momentarily.  :) 


  • JayZ
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    Haha, looks a bit different on mobile for me, but the desktop version looks similar still.

    On that note, I think there are some forum sectors that aren't working as intended. For example, I know there have been some new posts in the Nation Wars section that aren't showing up. TBH, some of the posts are probably better left not visible, but just wanted to raise that this may be an issue for others.
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  • Carl_s_Hat
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    I gotta say that this is the sharpest looking banner they have done.
  • Fluxxx
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    Yeah I noticed this as well. The boldness is unintended, so is the threads staying unread. I'll look into this sometime this/next week!