PGG and Swift strike

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Hello everyone!
If I am not wrong PGG can have 3 moves with tactical ability if we use this combination: kill - open - kill or move, Right?

with swift strike it should be the same if the first time swift strike "jumps"? 

EDIT: Tried and it doesn't work, shouldn't it work @Fluxxx ?

Lastly, if I change the combination and first open and then kill, I have the feeling that swift strike never works (not jump) Can anyone confirm this?

If the answer is yes (not works) it is to look for a weapon without swift strike.

Thanks all!


  • Gothgul
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    I asked the same Q. I'll link it if I find it, but short answer is, swift strike is working as intended with pgg
  • Mojaku
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    Hi @Gothgul,

    Thanks! I've been searching, but I didn't find a specific post. I understand that it is important to know this information since weapons with the swift strike ability should not be used by PGG

    Best Regards!
  • Женёк
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    Hey, guys! The new Glenn is just perfect as is! Imho, it's no use to waste weapon ability's slot for SS. Grab and run - amazing tactics)