Survivors with higher level gear

I see screenshots all the time of people with gear that is leveled higher than their survivors. My survivors are max level 20, and can only wear gear or use weapons that is 20 or lower. Can you use higher level gear if they're leveled up with reinforcement tokens?


  • IgorGGT
    IgorGGT Member Posts: 55
    you can level up your gears and weapons level 20, so it will be level 23, 3 levels higher than your survivor
  • IgorGGT
    IgorGGT Member Posts: 55
    and yes, you can use tokens and use weapons more than 3 levels higher than your survivors, but it has consequence on guld wars
  • crowblackdream86
    crowblackdream86 Member Posts: 21
    But I'm guessing they have to be upgraded weapons, since weapons I've received from crates that are even 1 level higher cannot be used.
  • Firekid
    Firekid Member Posts: 3,191 ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you reinforce a weapon using the reinforcement tokens you can level up a weapon and survivors of its original level can use it.