Guild Wars. Where are we after 10 months ?



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    The best way to make a difference in the game for the better is to get everyone together and not play, for example, guild wars. Let them fix the mistakes first and make this mode really good (or remove it forever). We're tired of being beta testers. At the same time, we pay money for this. The red gas was stolen (there is still no answer), the attacks disappear (technical support thanks for the cooperation and does not compensate), the server is down. NG's lust for profit will ruin the game. All this really kills the game. Many players have already left this project. We, too, will leave and take with us entire alliances of players if NG does not start working. There are so many great player suggestions, these suggestions can be implemented. But nobody wants to work. Only get paid. )
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    The actual breaking point for a game is when players stop complaining on "the forum" and start discussing alternate games to play.

    It begins with "fts I'm hooking up my old ps3 and playing that this week instead of this horrible challenge with turbo speed walkers that make me insta bleed" and ends with "no go talk to so-and-so who i heard has a better signup offer for that game".
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    It's already happening with me.
    Epic has been giving away free games every Thursday for ages. These include games like GTA V, Football Manager 2020,  Watch Dogs 2, Civilisation VI and my current favourite Borderlands 2.
    Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of FREE game play.
    I only play to keep the minimum within my guild and that's it. I've self relegated in GW to mopping up humans no one else wants to tackle.
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    next year will be Path of Exile Mobile the best mobile game :) 
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    @Crocodile Diablo Inmortal is coming too 

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    Mojaku said:

    @Crocodile Diablo Inmortal is coming too 

    any news when? I wanted to join the beta but not accepted  :(
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    Wait, new diablo game in closed beta? I fear I've been living under a rock!
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    @ghost_pepperDo you guys not have phones?
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    @zbot This picture says more than 1000 words.

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    This game mode is terrible and can't be fixed.
    Yet you're still here playing week after week you lifer 😆🤦
    Too much lifetime and money invested in the game to simply quit. Besides I love to have a procrastination tool available.

    Guild Wars, unfortunately, can't be fixed they way it is. It has lots of conceptual flaws and it's doing a huge damage to the game.

    It took boredom out of the game, but only to a certain extent.

    Tools put a bigger void between f2p and p2w. NML was always pretty good at balancing this.

    The time restraint will always be a problem. Be it time zones, availability, etc. One simply cannot schedule life around the game. The planner improved this? Yes. Will it forever be a problem? Yes.

    Maps are dark and unbalanced. Can it be fixed? Yes. Does it really matter? No.

    There isn't room in the game for a competitive mode that conflicts with Challenges. You either choose or you are set to burnout. 

    Challenges are a endless grind that NG simply fools us into thinking it's not.
    Outpost has been completely abandoned and NG does not even bother tweaking values to update it (shame shame shame).
    Distance is very good design. Allows us to enjoy. But the rewards have to be better assigned. Can't be permanent as they are.
    Guild Wars is hell. Demands you burn out resources, asks for your time, gamble gamble gamble all moves because of corners and random spawns, stresses the guild into coordination, stress player by having him fear a loss, fear shame.

    I'm not joking when I say Guild Wars can't be fixed. It can't be fixed.

    It's never too late Trouble. I get it, addictions are tough to overcome, I've been there bud. 😁
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    I would say leave the toolbag the way it is. Everyone has the same opportunity to get grenades and medkits. However it would be nice to be able to find them by doing challenges, distance, and scanvenges, seasons, and chapters. Make use of Governor. Turn 1 into possible 2. Instead of buying them. It would be nice if you can make weapons stronger. Trying to kill 35 with 30 weapons is a bit much. I could only imagine having to go against level 40. 
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    Superhero said:
    Walkers seem to be much tougher compared to other game modes. 

    I always had the opposite impression XD 

    Membro da guilda mais badass do Brasil

    Dono do Hell Judges

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    zbot said:
    @ghost_pepperDo you guys not have phones?
    I have 1 phone. But i have more sarcasm.