Official 3.10 Defenders Update Notes Discussion Thread



  • DiElEl
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    Sooo hyped 😱😱😱
    A big thanks @Fluxxx for keeping our favourite game updated 👍
  • Firekid
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    I’m confused by the walker type pools for guild wars? Is there a typo in there? “If spikes aren’t in the pool for forest maps they cannot appear in junkyard?”

    Edit- Just had confirmation it is a typo and is now fixed in the notes. 
  • Karajoca
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    Yeah pretty sure it's a typo
  • Karajoca
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    For me, just a look at size of update notes text tells it's a great one, with lot of new content/improvements and many things players asked for - accomplished. 

    -New weapons with ability and mechanics we haven't seen before, adding new play-style to the game(hopefully will work as we hope so)
    -Multiple Weapon buffs (as requested by players) where highlight is definitely chainsaw that just might make warriors lot more useful now
    -Hero buffs ( again, as requested T-Dog becoming important hero)
    -Piercing buff , let's see if this can balance ranged vs melee, something that's discussed a lot. Definitely, this destroy current weapons harpoon and decimator as they are but i am sure we will be able to obtain those weapons without piercing very soon ( it's important ! )

    Furthermore, for me awesome little changes such as Removing 1-2-3 star equipment from post-mission crates, and "stunned raiders no longer ignored by walkers" and seems like solution is finally found for fast walkers

    There is standard season event (which i notice, requirements are nerfed, we can skip few daily quests ! ) 

    Brand new mapsets - i just hope they are not easy as latest new challenge additions. 

    Badge Re-Rolls, is something i would like first to see in action before comment. 

    (won't comment red gas )  :D 

    Well done  B)
  • WellyLuga
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    Some really nice stuff here! Double punish T-Dog while not huge does give him a niche with Sasha lead. The chainsaw buff is insane, I loved the damage it could do but generating threat, 3 charge points over 2 and the single target part all made the DT an obvious choice between them. I'm happy they've been addressed and now you can trade the range/tactical of the DT for pure damage for next to no drawback.

    I'm happy with the piercing buff too, it had to be less than razor but with Alpha lead it will be 60% and up. Shane should be useful too with this buff. I'm over the moon that my shane's shotgun suggestion is in the game, with it stunning around metalheads. My only gripe is the piercing buff makes it and the harpoon less viable for Sasha :cry:. Cue non piercing weapons in the bundle shop next week!
  • 3vilrine
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    So many cool new stuff and improvements, so I’m very happy with this update. A lot of what was denounced or hoped for by the community was implemented. There’s not much to complain about. ;)

  • Stalker20
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    Kudos NG, this is looking like a great update 👍
  • Paste
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    I'm digging the new fast walker shorts!
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  • Stalker20
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    Aaron's tokens replaced by Alpha is good but would be better if a rotation of the best heroes was introduced. 
  • Drunken
    Drunken Member Posts: 1,719
    Of course now TDog is a game changer he won’t make the special call 
  • Jankel
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    Congrats to NG and @Fluxxx for listening and reporting the information for the improvement of the game from the community, certainly not an easy job. The roles of Guild Leader, Co-Leader, Elder are now perfect and well defined, in addition to weapon improvements, GW and new mapsets. Perhaps one of the best updates ever..
  • Mario_Romero
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    Oh, i'm going to love seeing those stunned raiders being lunch.  :D

    They have it coming.  >:)

    Looks like some nice and interesting additions and improvements.

    With the addition of fast walkers to GW I do sincerely hope NG improved the darkness in sanctuary maps, defined the corners and objects better and removed the "invisible object blocking the path"-bugs entirely so we can accurately judge the path those buggers will take.

    Otherwise they will very quickly become very annoying.
  • SleeperyJeem
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    Everything looks solid!

    Are "infused" traits the same thing as "special functionality", just with sexy red text? Are they new mechanics for the weapon, or simply extra stats added to regular weapon traits?

    Speaking of special functionality, it would be cool if those weren't baked into specific weapons, but were a badge or gadget you can move between them. Some of my "best" weapons have duplicates (like having two winter bows) thanks to guild wars, it would be nice if I could, just for flavor, move the winter bow functionality on some other weapon for the same class, so I could have one shooter with a bow and another with a pistol, for example. Likewise I really like the functionality of one of the christmassy weapons, but the string of lights on them gets old.

    Finally, can we ban Carl from defender groups? He's going to be the obligatory leader for every group otherwise, because his talent is both overpowered and broken - tell me it's by design that survivors can ride out critical attacks from all three attackers in one round. If it truly only worked once ever per defender per encounter, I would have a lot less problem with it.

  • JordanYuki
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    edited October 2020
  • tabernac
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    @Fluxxx Could you provide a little more info with regards to badge reroll mechanics?

    For example, if I have a badge in slot 1, and reroll it and get it in slot 3, but I'm still not satisfied with the slot and reroll again, is there a possibilty that I can get it in slot 1 again or is slot 1 out of the pool of possibilities?

  • Esmee
    Esmee Member Posts: 6
    I do hope reroll tokens will be more available.. It already takes me like 3 weeks to collect 50 to finally reroll a toon. So if you also need reroll tokens for the badges it will take me even longer... 
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  • Daiiko
    Daiiko Member Posts: 148
    Salut @Fluxxx j'ai une petite question concernant les Z rapide.

    Le Riposte fonctionne à chaque fois il ce font attaquer ? Si j'attaque une 1 ère fois avec un cogneur le Z rapide riposte, et j'attaque avec un autre cogneur le Z rapide va encore riposter ?

    Parce que nous quand ont ce fait attaquer par des multiple Z le riposte ce déclenche seulement 1 fois.
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Member Posts: 996
    @Fluxxx Could you confirm that the GW map will not be changed in Season 6 this was not in the announcement and patch notes
  • m4s
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    Crocodile said:
    @Fluxxx Could you confirm that the GW map will not be changed in Season 6 this was not in the announcement and patch notes
    Good Question
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  • Gobold69
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    Looks great so far!!
  • cyclon98
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    "Piercing trait values increased from 10%/20%/30% to 20%/30%/40%"

    This will surely be a disastrous news to Sasha with the harpoon gun.

    Any thought? Will there be a harpoon gun with Lucky trait replacing Piercing at the shop? @Fluxxx?
  • ghost_pepper
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    It's really nice to see things I've advocated for all year come into being like removal of low quality items from mission chests at mid and end game play and adjusting down the building upgrade costs. These new numbers "feel" correct when i read them. Still a grind to grow but now a whole lot less mind numbingly painful. 

    I like that the newest heros have had their tokens added into the TG shop rotation. Could you please weight them in the shop rotation? @zbot and @fluxxx we've had Ezekiel and Jerry on rotation for so long now it would be nice if in the total rotation of hero tokens the new heros Alpha, Beta, Shane, Tdogg and the reworks of Pizza Glenn and Shooter Rick had twice as much chance of popping up in the randomized token offering as the existing long time heros.

    I bought nearly 2k tokens this way, slowly 4 at a time, to unlock and develop to 5 traits Rufus. It takes an absurdly long time. I don't think you have to worry about balance. Keep it this way for 5 or 6 months so it's fun for players to feel like their new heros are going somewhere, then even it back out.
  • Esmee
    Esmee Member Posts: 6

    I thought you wouldn’t get any 1* 2* 3* equipment anymore.. but still getting them unfortunately..
  • Fluxxx
    Fluxxx Member Posts: 1,109 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2020
    Esmee said:

    I thought you wouldn’t get any 1* 2* 3* equipment anymore.. but still getting them unfortunately..
    Could you confirm you're doing missions of level 18 or higher? 
    Another thing is that if you're doing equipment scavenge missions, you can still get 1-3* weapons.
  • Stalker20
    Stalker20 Member Posts: 1,301 ✭✭✭✭✭
    That wasn't specified in the update notes @Fluxxx
  • Superhero
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    Danski_46 said:
    That wasn't specified in the update notes @Fluxxx

    But you could had think of it, as they wrote from missions af level 18 and higher, that this works just on challenge mode.
  • Esmee
    Esmee Member Posts: 6
    Ugh, that’s stupid..
    was hoping we would finally get rid of those useless equipment when scavenging.. 
  • tbdbitl
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    edited October 2020
    Wow! Basic rule of programming:
    Don’t break things that aren’t broken!

    refresh issues when choosing/swapping mission team members. Have to “x” out and come back in to see change.

    and when I change weapons on survivors the whole screen gets garbaged and have to completely restart game. 

    iPhone iOS 13
    delete app/reinstalled—same
  • Paste
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    Only way to not break things is to not change them. It looks like they needed more time for this release though, and more testing.
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