Reasons for moving on to another guild

I'm looking for some insight and advice on how to solve this dilemma: stay loyal to your guild no matter what or search for another one when you have a different vision on how problems/difficulties are handled..

My unhappy feeling gets triggered by a well known problem here on the forum and by many in the game: Players not contributing, not participating, not communicating, etc.
The impact of this has already been discussed and many are hoping for some extra management tools in next updates.

I think that if I could read about some players their real experiences (good or bad) after making the choice of staying with or changing guilds, it could help me decide for myself. I feel a bit lost in this.. I enjoy the game a lot and I'm not giving up because of this. I started in June 2020 and I 'm getting all my season tokens for the first time :)

I guess this is also a growing process..



  • WellyLuga
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    It depends how ambitious you are with this game. If you want to top the leaderboards in the challenge and in GW then you can't exactly stay in the casual, laid back guild you might have joined when you started the game!

    Personally I wanted to be in a guild with 19 others who's expectations matched mine and that's what I would recommend. When I first started I found myself in a guild where I was top 5 and I didn't think that should be happening at the level I was at. So I moved on until I found that with Wild Walking. Good people, strong players and no hassle/drama was what made me stick around for as long as I have. If I was more ambitious I might have moved around chasing top spot more but that didn't interest me.
  • marroba2000
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    I recommend you search for an Allianz, a family of guilds ordered by stars made in challenges. Bigger the Allianz, more similar to you will be your partners. And inside this system, you can obtain help from better players and advance to the main guild of your Allianz, if you want. 
  • MagnusRex
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    Thanks guys, I'm appreciating you sharing your ideas/opinions.
    Reading and thinking through these comments, I realise I'm getting more open-minded to for me totally new things like guild families. 
    I haven't decided yet..
  • IcePeter
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    I bailed on my first guild after the leader went MIA for a month. I left my 2nd after 3 years due to slowly fading commitment (no shows in GW and challenges, slowly decreasing star counts) and almost a year of being unable to stay above 16 members. I found a guild that shares my commitment without being too hardcore or a guild family that shuffles people around, and am much happier and more motivated.
  • Muirna
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    I liked the guild I started in and the people, but I reached a point where I felt like I outgrew it and wasn't going to be able to grow the way I wanted.

    I think as long as you don't leave them in the lurch -- I'm not sure if this is possible but for example quitting the guild in the middle of a GW day you are signed up for -- then you don't need to feel like it is disloyal to seek change for yourself.

    My main criteria when I moved was to find a guild that used Discord and had support for motivated newer players. I found the Eh family of guilds and would not have been able to make the progress I have had I stayed where I was. In-game chat was never going to be able to provide me with what I needed.
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    You'll be surprised. Guild families aren't what you think. It's not all business, and no fun. The fluidity of the guild family actually makes it more secure. You can still chat to your friends and get to know your fellow players no matter if you're in the flagship guild, or taking a break in 3-5. It actually makes the game more fun as there's less pressure each week, giving you the option of staying in the guild you want, but taking a breather too if you need it. 
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    In guild families, the leaders generally try to group you together with other players your speed. And if your speed changes, we're good about helping you find whatever spot fits your changing needs. 

    Most of the time families form from a single guild whose playing styles get to far apart, casual vs hardcore... So they form two guilds that stay in touch via chat apps. When those guilds grow to capacity, they form a third and so on...

    Its a sign of good leaders who put their players needs above their own (trust me, no one runs guilds families because it's a joyful dance in the park, it's work).

    I find it rewarding when my players are really enjoying themselves in ways they choose. 

    In fact, I take more joy from helping My Zombrex Family improve than I do from working on my own account. I only wish I had more time so I could do even more.

    This little break from guild wars had been a blessing for me to have the time to help my players grow. That said, we're all excited to get back into it. 

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    I believe I found an accurate diagram of how the various guild families work. Enjoy! :lol:

    ..the best i've seen in ages!! 😂😂😂😂 thanks

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  • MagnusRex
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    Decision has been made: I've left my guild today. I told them what I am going to search for and the things I am them grateful for. 
    I do feel a bit excited to go and search my new guild but on the other hand I still feel a bit like grieving. It's like leaving your parents house for the second time..

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    Good luck man, it's tough to cut the cord, but you need to enjoy yourself. 

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    Good luck, it's a strange feeling isn't it but you have to look after your own interests first. I've left jobs for more money but still had a feeling of guilt when I hand my notice in, even though I'm bettering myself! If you've outgrown your guild you shouldn't feel obligated to stay. There are many guild families and standalone guilds out there and every one I've visited have been welcoming so you can't really go wrong 😊 
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  • Scotticus
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    My previous guild drove me nuts! It was quite well run in general, we got a good amount of stars from challenges, but I had one thing I couldn't abide...

    In Guild Wars, if you sign up for a day, you participate. It'd be the same players every time who would not, making a cursory effort at the end of the day, half their gas unused, tanking everyone elses' score so we'd lose by a margin we could have won by. They'd never just withdraw if they were unsure about their ability to participate, and, irritatingly, would join battles they knew more dedicated players were keen to participate in, hoping the dead-weight they were contributing would be carried by everyone else. 

        So frustrating! Every effort was made to offer help or find a way to commit more keen players to some days, and the lolly-gaggers to others, it just didn't work. When The Leader lost us the first match of a GW with a limp-wristed half-effort and a dismissive 'yeah, like, fell asleep or whatever' type dismissal...that was that!

       It was a shame, it was generally a communicative and largely active guild, but's the most fun part of the game! A guild can work as a team, you really can be victorious by working together, and when some members just keep going out of their way to be a drag on everyone else (seriously a half-effort or no show is more effort, and less useful than a player simply not signing into a battle) it's something I couldn't abide by!
  • smoke1
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    When you join your next guild it might not hurt to look for a guild with min requirements, like 10x your lvl and mandatory gwars participation 
    ATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,693 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Scotticus agree

    I'm very forgiving of my players communicate in advance, "hey something came up, I can't play tomorrow" stuff like that. 

    No problem, drop out of war, we adjust. 

    But one thing I have zero tolerance for is no comms and ghosting on guild wars. 

    If you sign up, you play. Otherwise, I'm already shining up DAS BOOT. 

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    Yeah, we are a casual guild, but we have zero tolerance for people signing up for GW and not playing or not using all their attacks. We communicate in advance and during GW that if you sign up, you MUST play. GW is not mandatory, but playing when you sign up is. We have booted many good players who were contributing Stars in the Challenge, but those Stars are not worth it if that player is destroying guild unity and teamwork. Those we booted were not missed.
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  • Troublemaker
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    I think @WellyLuga resumed it perfectly when he mentioned that you should look for a guild with 19 other players that match your interests in the game.

    So, define your interest, look for a guild that matches it, then try to live there and know the people. If you feel good, awesome. If not, move on.
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  • Scotticus
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    It's vindication to know so many feel the same way about GW participation!

    The notion of just being straightforward and participating if you say you will, refraining from signing up if you're unsure, and just communicating either way always seemed more sensible than my previous guilds' behaviour suggested!
  • FreeToPlay
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    Several players left my previous guild precisely because they played poorly in GW. Before we left we discovered some causes:

    1.- The most important, Lack of time (Challenge + Distance + GW) The solution for this is that NG remove challenge when GW is in play.
    2.- The players who spent money, found that the F2P could improve a lot if they obtained the rewards in GW and their positions were threatened in the challenge. why? they had weapons / armor that the F2Ps did not have. Now with the black market they are more concerned about it, but of course there is nothing that a pack of gasoline + gold cannot achieve.
    I keep playing this game for GW, there is no competition in challenge, I will probably leave the game when D3 Immortal finally comes out on mobile
  • MagnusRex
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    I have joined my new guild yesterday👍🙂

    @FreeToPlay, during my first day at my guild I have already experienced that challenge can be competitive. I have seen how all guild members challenge themselves and eachother to keep pushing boundaries. It got me to break my own PB with 135 stars 🙂

  • avelardez
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    Move on and abandon your guild. Lack of participation and leadership in casual guilds or newer guilds can bring your game play down. Say your good byes and find another guild were players are committed. 
  • brucewayne007
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    Are you still look for another opinion? 

    I have belonged to 4 Guilds in the space of 5 years. And about to start my 5th guild. 
    Happy to break down each movement if you want more opinions. 
  • MagnusRex
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    @brucewayne007 I have made my decision in this one, I joined a new guild with people who try to push themselves and learn from each other. I still am curious to hear about your experiences because I can always learn new things that will help me in the future. Please feel absolutely free to make your own choice in sharing your story with the community. But I really think there will always be players in here who will learn from it or feel supported in their own experiences.
  • liquit
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    Hey guys, here for the same reason as so often mentioned before - gw participation. I´m about to loose my last bit of patience at my current guild.
    I´d really like to stay there, but have the feeling I wont ever get the rewards (this war: bruiser armour on gold III) I really find useful, except from badges oc.
    So I´m considering to switch during the break next week. What about the guild shop currency then, does it have to be spent before leaving the guild?
  • Drunken
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    It’s time to leave when your leader smells of rotten fruit. Ain’t that right @Danski_46
  • Steeboon
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    No you dont have to @liquit
  • MudMoccasin
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    Love my Guild and always been a fan of the Leader's YouTube channel which is one of my top 3 favorite TWD related channels.
    However, we came very close during that last Guild War to getting that version of Daryl's Crossbow with Infused Traits and I am utterly frustrated beyond words that we didn't get enough points to earn it considering that I fear that weapon will NEVER become easily available again 😠😠😡😡
    This current war has an Infused Traits Armor that I am dying to give to T-Dog but considering how we didn't earn enough wherewithal to get that aforementioned Daryl's Crossbow, our chances of getting that Infused Strapped Bastion Armor are about as likely as catching the Loch Ness Monster with a butterfly net. 
    Me thinks that the issue is that the majority of active members are level 18-20 and thus can only conquer stages with low point rewards.
    What I'm wondering now is if I can join another guild I the middle of the current guild war and what penalties/ramifications (if any) will result from leaving my current Guild for another in the middle of a War?
  • MagnusRex
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    @MudMoccasin If you really don't want to leave your guild for good but love to get the armor you could try to post a request in the guild discussion section for a guild who opens their guild shop to a "visitor". I've seen it done before. Your individual guild wars rewards that you earned this season should move with you. So you go shopping elsewhere and return back home afterwards. Your challenge guild stars are lost. Don't leave on a day you signed up for battle. 
  • JayZ
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    A lot of interesting discussion here. For me, I've only played in 4 different guilds in the 5+ years that I've played this game. Each time I left one of my guilds, it was to move up to a more competitive guild that better matched my playstyle at the time. I found that by playing with players who were stronger than me, it (1) pushed me to improve my own game, and (2) re-motivated me at times when I was feeling a bit down on the game.

    That being said, each time I left my old guilds, it was a friendly departure. My previous guild leaders and teammates were sad, but they wanted the best for me, so we remained on good terms and I still visit those guilds every so often between GW breaks. If you have a guild leader who refuses to let you leave on good terms, then you should consider whether they are the type of leader you want to follow.

    As the others here have said, you should look for guilds that best match your playing style. GW has made it more obvious than ever that being in the right guild is the key to individual and team success. In the Mavericks family, we have over a dozen guilds. Half of them are highly organized and competitive in GW, while the other half are more laid back. We try to match each of our players to the guild that best suits their preference for competition, and as players want to move up (or get busy IRL and want to move down), we fortunately have the flexibility to accommodate them.
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