Is this the end ?

After reading all the negative chat on the Line app about the way the game has become even more 'pay to win', I wonder how many people will actually go?
What are the thoughts on here, have tools killed the game?


  • Superhero
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    I like them, but I won´t buy them.

    If I would have enough of them, I´d have cracked 4000 instead of 3000 this challenge.

    If you have money, it looks like this  :o 

  • Firekid
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    It’s a difficult one as the flare in particularly seems a bit OP, but feel the rest are quite well balanced. 
    Please remember that the last two challenge were pretty much endless because of the fire/class bonus with them all tools really did was able you to 3 star the nightmare mode maps easier, saving you time with healing and retries. Let’s see what happens over the next few weeks, am sure we won’t see scores like last few weeks again for a while. 
    Not sure if it would be possible to nerf flares without making them useless though. Maybe a smaller radius would help? 
  • Mario_Romero
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    I've said this before, but do we really still need a weekly charged bonus?

    Sure it's fun but not having one would increase difficulty a bit at least.
  • Firekid
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    Would be interesting Still think maybe some other events would be good, maybe a week with a piercing buff to a class/all ranged. Health buff to bruisers/assaults. Also haven’t had 50% damage for scouts/shooters/hunters for a bit. 
  • Mario_Romero
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    And they could offset removal of the weekly bonus by permanently reducing healing times.

    I think there are enough other ways now to get the gold out of our pockets, with BM, tools, distance resets, to more than compensate for less gold spent on healing.

    And I'm not even sure reducing healing times actually reduces gold spent since at a lower cost people are more inclined to speed up healing.
  • ShadowWalker
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    I do think there needs to be an actual limit on the amount of tools used per mission. It won't solve everything but it is a start.

    Maybe one tool per turn and each survivor can only use a tool once per mission? That would mean a limit of 3 tools per mission. This will at least add some decision making to using tools. For example, do I heal my bruiser or throw a grenade and get them charged up?

    It would probably then be fair to lower the cool down of some tools by a turn or two.
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  • Drunken
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    don’t be hating cause my pockets deep! 

    Kohls has some sales for deeper pockets 🤣
    ATLAS-ZShadowWalkerNerfZone187relb67Paste[Deleted User]Jankel
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    Since BM more people are using tools in challenge instead of just saving for guild wars

    That plus 2 very easy challenges in a row

    That's where we are at

    The biggest pay to win gap right now, as I see it, is gold. 

    So many beautiful, mouth - watering ways to spend gold nowadays but so very little to be farmed in game. 

    I don't know if this will change, but I hope there can at least be some events


    (jackpot deluxe plus classic "Gold Rush" event would be very very popular if you ran it together) 

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  • NerfZone187
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    It's not dark yet, but it's getting there......
  • NerfZone187
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    Drunken said:
    don’t be hating cause my pockets deep! 

    Kohls has some sales for deeper pockets 🤣
    Your pockets have 🐇 ears from bundle shopping
  • IcePeter
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    If you measure your own happiness against others, we may be nearing the end. If you’re not concerned with leaderboards, this actually makes the game more enjoyable.
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  • RickMSA
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    @WellyLuga Totally agree! Especially the last two challenges changed/broke something not only at the top of the top. Before I could enter the german top 100 or even top 50 sometimes which was enough for my ambition. Sometimes I buy stuff and/or burn gold. But never use tools in challenges (I save them for guild wars or Hardcore distance) and don't have all the op weapons. In the last two challenges I improved my personal best (probably like most players) to 3,5k. That's 500 more than before. Again almost without using tools (just one Flare) and just one harpoon and one DAR. Nice, happy about that. But the result on the local leaderboard: 200 stars away from even getting on rank 100. As I don't think that my skills dropped immediately and I used quite the same amount of gold for healing like in most challenges it has to be a question of tools and the amount of op weapons like lucky harpoon, lucky Decimator, DAR. And gold/time - but that was always like that, which is totally fine.

    I don't get satisfaction only due to leaderboards as I am a guild leader and have lots of other things which make this game community enjoyable. But it is a fact that the old way of working your way up on the leaderboards seems to be gone. Don't know yet what this will do with my motivation. It just is what it is. Times are changing.
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  • Firekid
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    The global leaderboard is actually a relatively new thing. Would people enjoy the game more if there was no leaderboard at all? You played against the people in your guild and tried to get highest without worrying that someone in another guild had 10k more stars than you? 

    I do agree though that there needs to be an end point to the challenge and maybe a decent reward sat there if you reach it. Say 50 phones or something? This should be at round 74? Play through full nightmare once. Or add another layer of night mare and with spikers and metal heads and end at 80. 
    Love the idea for additional stars for no tools or certain teams used. 
    Trouble is NG like people spending gold.... 
  • SJC
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    1.Completely forbid the tools in GW.No red gas also.Let it be all about skills, let it be #pure#
    2.Limit tools to max 20 per challenge.We have enough great weapons.

    Throw 1 flare, throw 1 blast grenade and the mission is finished.The game is a joke right now.

    I herd, all follow.
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  • Hellnight
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    Escriba su comentarioIn my case I stopped publishing videos in my union because I made them as much FTP as possible so that everyone could play. Unfortunately most prefer special items and weapons to make more stars. The problem of the master missions and the nightmare distance mode increases the need for special weapons (less xp when playing fewer missions, and fewer low components to move in crafting badges, which means that reroll tokens are needed to modify them)
    We need some prize for the really skilled players, and not just for those who pay more money

  • Arqueue
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    edited January 2021
    i like this game a lot, so as new player, theres only one thing in my mind: the survivability of the game. but for NML to survive, NG need to make money and answer to shareholders. the game will not coming to an end if there are players buying tools, gold and bundles.

    i agree that tools be limited in special events like GW, but for weekly events like challenge and distance, they should be no limit so that NG can make money. maybe can have monthly special challenge event which ban tools (as mention by hellnight). not sure if that can be done.

  • Stalker20
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    To prevent over usage of tools, in the pre mission screen you could equip each survivor with one tool and that's all for the mission. This wouldn't completely address the problem but will make players choose carefully what they bring. 
  • ShayHa
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    Karajoca said:
    Actually @IcePeter if leaderboars lose all meaning and become pointless, game is exactly coming near end.

    Without real competition, game lose best players and money as well. 

    Also, pay to win - is ok and needed in my opinion, but it must have some boundaries.
    Making your job easier with gas boosters/gold/tools/premium weapons is ok, but only if there is a way to reach similar stars with some extra effort (time and dedication) into it - for free.

    Right now, even if you pay is hard to compete and keep up with the top, and i think that is putting many into f2p and relaxed mode or complete quitting. 
    When you realise your effort is pointless you stop trying, stop paying, and game is actually losing and dying. 
    Well said, I and other friends are kinda F2P and those tools gonna make us quit.
    I kept playing only for GW but now with those tools its becoming less dependent us to win but those who have more tools will definitely win.

    SJC said:
    1.Completely forbid the tools in GW.No red gas also.Let it be all about skills, let it be #pure#
    2.Limit tools to max 20 per challenge.We have enough great weapons.

    Throw 1 flare, throw 1 blast grenade and the mission is finished.The game is a joke right now.

    you are welcome to comment here
  • FreeToPlay
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    The game is dying from the aggressiveness of the business. At the home you can find:

    Next Games (Helsinki Nasdaq First North: NXTGMS) is the first publicly listed mobile game developer and publisher in Finland, specializing in games based on entertainment franchises, such as movies, TV series or books. The developers of the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead games redefines the way franchise entertainment transforms into highly engaging service-based mobile games. Currently Next Games is working on multiple new games based on popular entertainment franchises including, Blade Runner Nexus, for the popular Blade Runner franchise and a mobile game based on Netflix’s Stranger Things

    I leave you real data below and I publish so that you realize the reality that it is time:

    1.- If you check LinkedIn NG has 122 employees (I'm sick of readers who have no resources)
    2.- If you check the home, it has 4 games announced. (2 in development)

    If you check the home page in the INVESTORS section you can found this:

    • Revenue was EUR 14.4 (19.2) million
    • Gross profit was EUR 7.5 million, 52% of revenue (EUR 11.3 million; 59%)
    • EBITDA was EUR 0.3 (-1.5) million
    • EBIT was EUR -1.6 (-3.5) million
    • Adjusted Operating Profit was EUR 0.1 (-1.8) million
    • Publishing Operations EBITDA was EUR 3.4 (2.3) million, 24% of revenue (12%)
    • Product development costs were EUR 2.6 (3.3) million, 18% (21%) of revenue
    • At the end of the reporting period, the company had 108 (108) employees
    • Cash flow from operating activities turned positive and was EUR 1.3 (-0.7) million, and cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period were EUR 6.5 (4.7) million

    Greed has broken the game, people are blind and the worst thing is that people  defend that a company that says it has few resources to develop but then, according to its own website, handles the after data.

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  • Jenng
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    It definitely is somewhere. 😛

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  • FreeToPlay
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    It motivates me personally to show you the reality, and I see that there are blind people or who works at NG and posts on the forums...
  • Firekid
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    I’m honestly not sure what your trying to say with your post? 
  • Jenng
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    Ahhhhh. Thanks for the reality check there @FreeToPlay

    I’ll be sure to open my eyes wider.  :p;)

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  • Governator
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    Gameon said:
    After reading all the negative chat on the Line app about the way the game has become even more 'pay to win', I wonder how many people will actually go?
    What are the thoughts on here, have tools killed the game?

  • NerfZone187
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    Jenng said:
    Ahhhhh. Thanks for the reality check there @FreeToPlay

    I’ll be sure to open my eyes wider.  :p;)

    Welcome back Jen 🧐
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  • FreeToPlay
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    ohhh @NerfZone187 you had to call the reinforcements ... and what reinforcements do they do? put gifts and memes ....

    @Jenng yes, please open your eyes, and put on a little concealer too, wrinkles are starting to show.
    Rat children, rich child ? Nop, the worst thing is that you are rat adults.  
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    Well, damn. This is a little awkward. In all my years of being on the forum no one has ever attempted to insult my physical appearance, my sparkling personality, yeah, but my wrinkles lol ....... so this is a first for me. How fun. 🙄😜 fortunately I’ve been out of fucks to give for a couple decades now.  :D

    And thank you @NerfZone187
    so far it seems to be going well 😂 
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    Have you taken for granted? I was referring to the wrinkles in the eyes of that precious kitten that you have put in the gift. Poor thing, with jealousy on his eyelids. Don't you feel sorry?

    That new image? Is it descriptive of your personality? or  is it a very nice way to insult me without the moderators finding it when doing text searches? or is it a way to bypass the automatic censorship to insult?
    I already told another user, when there are problems people have to go to the doctor, especially if they have mental problems, it is a serious issue and there are remedies to solve it.
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