Opponents swords in guild wars

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it it would be nice to be able to see how many swords your opponent has to strategize. It’s odd that it’s guess work trying to figure out if opponent done or not. Think that aspect should be more transparent and would make it more thrilling, knowing the fight sword for sword!


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    @Nanajja I'm not sure this would be an improvement in making battles more exciting. I'm concerned this would create new disadvantages: teams that have to play early because of their timezone will have already exposed the max they can reach in a battle when the opponent is just about to start. They may have used a lot of saved tools to get as far as possible while a (stronger) team that has the opportunity to start later can easily count which sectors will give a win without having to go their hardest. 
    A weaker team could throw in the towel early and just collect some easy points to add to their total.
    And timezones is nothing you can change. 
    With sector scores you can have an idea of your opponent's capabilities and I think that's enough. It still keeps inviting players to go all the way because you can never know absolutely for sure. Guild wars should always remain strategic and every player has to be tempted to go all the way every time.

    The sector scores already reveal a lot of information: you can see if an opponent closes sector by sector if you compare all the scores or if an opponent opens multiple sectors first before closing them. I like the calculation part of it..

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    Agree. By showing remaining swords it's very easy to calculate the exact sectors your opponent has done, giving a advantage to the team that starts later. 

    It's still possible to do the calculation, but it requires some pretty serious time investment so is really something a small fraction of players/guilds do and as it is now I think that if you put in the effort needed, you should get that information reward from it.
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    Vous ne voulez pas voir aussi quand vos adversaires sont connectés ? Voir quel secteur il font le moment même ? Il ne faut pas donner trop d'idées tordues à NG mon ami, déjà avec les: Grenades, Trousses, FUSÉE etc... ils ont vraiment détruit la GW
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     thanks for input can now see some disadvantage