Character Outfits

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I have two suggestions I would like to propose in regards to character outfits.

1. Allow Heroes to wear their outfits. Currently the only heroes who have alternate skins are Scout Glenn and Shooter Rick. They can change it by pressing the shirt on the bottom right:

However, even though I got the Rosita outfit  it can only be changed on regular survivors:

I can understand not letting heroes wear the skins of other heroes, but they should at least have access to their own, especially if I am dropping 1000 gold on a new skin.

2. Put them in the Black Market. They're purely cosmetic, so it's kind of hard to justify spending so much gold on them, especially if only regular survivors can wear them. However, if I also got some Black Market tokens for them then at least those tokens can go towards something more useful. They could also be made available in exchange for Black Market tokens instead of gold. 

Obviously this isn't a major issue. However, I think it adds some more customization and fun to the game.


  • Jouxy
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    oui je suis totalement d'accord, l'aspect visuel des survivants importe beaucoup dans le jeu pour moi. Il pourrait aussi y avoir plus de possibilités de tenues, comme celles des survivants aléatoires non héros :)
  • Muirna
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    I like your idea of having them rotate through the Black Market and/or Trade Goods.