Capibara raiding friends and celebrities 🐿❤️

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Today i realised i posted so many “outpost raids videos” into Confession Box for Outpost Raids ...that was probably worth to start my own thread of videos too! Have fun!  ;)

Premise: ..i always fight, not because “i'm bad”... lol... but just because otherwise without fight those videos would be very boring.. anyway because of my “gameplay”.. beware of the rodent.. 😂😂😂...there will be very often funny situations..  😉

BTW: if you want to be “visited” ..please, post here your “In Game” …and warn me when you are online… 🙂 ( to be visited..).

The first one is “old”...i'm not still sure @DonCoqui is still playing

Capibara visiting @DonCoqui



DonCoqui ::: link

SavannahGuy81 ::: link

StrikeTeamSquad ::: link

Stu ::: link

Mongo ::: link

Sg-Death ::: link (Draw. Only Flag)

CrowTRobot ::: link

Mimica ::: link

rushi ::: link

billbam ::: link

N3braska ::: link (Lost attack)

SPC TORRES ::: link

Sg-Death ::: link

Trufa ::: link

Jaden ::: link

Capibara ::: link

zbot ::: link

Walker Bait ::: link

Moe Problems ::: link

Crambert ::: link

Deadite Hunter ::: link

Firekid ::: link

STS2 ::: link

Danski46 ::: link (Lost attack)

Skirmäel ::: link

Benoit ::: link

Skirmäel ::: link (..with 80 Comedown Machine)

Tabernac ::: link

BttlOpener ::: link

StrikeTeamSquad ::: link (Lost attack)

Javajnkie ::: link

Ren ::: link

WellyLuga ::: link

Kitune ::: link

Fast Car ::: link

Adeline visiting Capibara ::: link

capibara visiting capybara ::: link

Calamity Jane ::: link

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