Can you boot guild members that are signed up for a GW match?

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I am a guild leader (reluctantly, I inherited it) and two members keep signing up for GW and don’t show. They are signed up for tomorrow, can I boot them or do I have to wait? Advice gratefully received!


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    You need to wait until GW is over, after it ends on sunday you can boot.  Right now you can't boot anyone that's signed up for GW until GW ends.
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    I would add that GW participation is not mandatory in our casual (but full) guild, so I don’t know what they are playing at ( or rather, not playing). Neither one speaks in the chat, and I have previously asked all members not to sign up unless they know they will play.
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    Thanks, @zbot! They are not very productive members in the challenge, so maybe they are signing up for GW as a protection against being booted? 
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    From what I understand you can't boot them whilst the battle is in progress but if they are signed up for future battles you can just kick them out.

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    We had a few of those in my casual guild a while ago. They would do 2-3 attacks, if any, and caused us to lose a few close matches.
    I doubt they were checking the chat messages at all. A purge was the only option in the end.
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    I have no problem booting GW slackers at the first opportunity. I think there should be a short gap between GW battles to allow non-participating slackers to be booted. 

    One time, we had this slacker sign up for back-to-back days. On the first day, it was clear this person didn’t care about the guild. So, the other players withdrew from the second day and left the slacker alone. When the next GW started, we were Absent. Then, I booted the slacker before they could sign up for another day. Teamwork. :lol:
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    @Governator EXACTLY! 
    Too many back to back no-shows without a window in between to give the boot!
    @Fluxxx Please give us the ability to remove a Guildmate that is signed up for battle (even if it means being mismatched). I would rather make a point that let them sit there doing nothing, angering all the other Guildmates.