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Is it possible to increase the level of player technical support during GW. Usual technical support reaction time is about 1-2 days. During GW it is not quite satisfactory. Typical examples of critical GW issues we faced/ observed earlier: 
1. The player have closed the map, but it is shown as uncompleted, the attack is lost, no VP given. In the next attack this player completes this/another map, and he obtains double VP for it. As a result, one attack is stolen from a team for compensation of some VP. Both we (red machine) and our opponent Stay alive 2 faced it last week. In that fight the game stole 1 sword (that we could use for KAW-49) and returned just 48 VP. 
2. The player had almost completed the mission and was staying near exit zone, waiting for his peer. He exited the game. However,  when he returned an hour later, the game was updated at the restart. After lauch, the player had found himself at the base camp, the map was not completed, the attack is lost. This was the reason of one of our losses in previous season.
3. Wrong accounting of results (victory bonus not provided, etc.)

The typical answer of techsupport is "sorry, it is beta-version, stay alive" or "sorry, here is a couple of RP for you".
My question: Is it possible to enhance the level of technical support during GW to reaction time of 2-4 hours? Is there an opportunity for quick investigation of such issues and fast provision of adequate solutions like restoration of stolen sword?
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    I agree. During the Beta War, technical support must respond instantly, fix the bug, and fix it. So we will get out of the Betta mode.  Otherwise, it will soon be Betta 50, although Betta 9 is already too much. We had a super bug in the war on Wednesday, May 19. The issue with technical support has not been resolved. Although the request was sent instantly. This is complete nonsense (developers and administrators, it's time to tell the truth ). What's wrong with you? - we'll help you. I have excellent programmers and highly qualified administrators, do not hesitate to ask for contacts  )
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    I want to point out here, that instant support would not be able to resolve the issues where a mission does not register as completed.

    As I’ve mentioned before in other threads (eg., these issues originate from “memory leaks” when our game communicates with the server - these are more complicated, and not easily resolvable. For example, we’re not able to “complete” a mission in a given battle, nor are we able to send VP to guilds, nor manually change the result of a battle - and if that was possible, there would be other logistical/timing issues to consider.

    With that said, we are looking into ways that these issues can be investigated faster by agents, resulting in faster responses and compensations.
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    The so-called memory leaks are related to errors in the software.
    Is it possible, for example, to add a code of missing points or SWORDS with the REEDEM GIFT CODE option ???

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    Thank you for the work that you and your team are doing for us. 

    In terms of compensation I want to underline that the MAJOR problem for top guilds is not the waste of some VP or RP but the waste of Sword. The cost of one stolen sword is often a not completed island, which generally means DEFEAT. It really hurts when you can loose your leadership in a season ranking just because some program error. No other compensation than restoration of sword is satisfactory.
    Please concentrate your efforts on creating procedure for fast investigation and redeeming the lost sword if such request comes. Maybe game logs should be enhanced to make investigations easier? Maybe techsupport tickets coming from player who is currently in GW should go through some priveleged path? Maybe you can grant guild leaders some quick access to techsupport? 
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    MAJOR problem for top guilds is not the waste of some VP or RP but the waste of Sword. The cost of one stolen sword is often a not completed island, which generally means DEFEAT
    No other compensation than restoration of sword is satisfactory.

    @Lexia This ↑. 100%.
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    The ongoing common issues which often control the outcome of the winner and loser, this affects how players play. It affects how invested we become in gw. And it is affecting how much players distance themselves from gw and from the game. 

    If you can't resolve these ongoing bugs (which is TOTALLY unacceptable given that more prominent players who write code for a living probably could), the least you can do is plug the leak. Immediate prioritized response from support with an immediate workable solution is required. Anything less than that really is unacceptable at this point.

    -Personal slant-
    I had a super bad streak of yumiko results the other week. 1 out of 16 calls. I understand support not refunding me my radios but it's reminded me about worse situations like a gw bug deciding who wins. It's issues like this which have convinced me not to spend more money on this game.

    It's always harder to find new customers than it is to keep existing customers. When you are losing existing customers, the business model needs to change for more successes. So change.