Guild Leader gone missing for a week now

DogOfGlory Member Posts: 14
Hi everyone,  in need of advice.. my alt account is in a guild where the leader is unresponsive, and has now not logged on fora week.
Previously my alt account was leader but had to leave to help another guild, so we allocated another leader who also left..then another player was automatically made leader by the game settings, all this unknown to me at the time.
Now im back.. the guild is a complete mess, more or less dead and the leader is awol.
How can this be resolved?
I know after a while the current leader will be "automatically " replaced, but when and with who?
I really need to sort the guild out asap, only a few people are playing, new players are arriving needing advice and i cant do a thing to assist except doesnt look good and its driving me mad.
And starting a new guild is not an option.
Thanks in advance.