When are we getting Tyreese as a playable Character

He was a bad ass...just sayin


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    Leader trait Hammer time

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  • IcePeter
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    I kill lots of Tyreese’s in raids. Leader trait: pacifism. When Tyreese does not attack during his turn, the rest of the team’s damage and defense is increased the following turn.
  • Jacky2332
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    He was a bad ass...just sayin
    Just the fact that post was made 1 month ago and tyreese not released yet made me so sad, it's a bit dissappointing to release some characters and some not cus each one has their own favorite
  • ghost_pepper
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    Well we got beth instead. 

    And Beth's mechanic.

  • Cronus
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    I'm still waiting for Jerry as a playable character. Or Ezekiel. Or Sniper Morgan. Beth is already a waste. Who else am I missing? Rosita, Dwight, Merle? Rosita is 2 pink and she has over 11k tokens because I have no idea what to do with her. She is hot though.
  • brucewayne007
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    Would he be a scout with his hammer?
    he definitely can’t shoot lol

    But i also would like to see him be playable 
  • MudMoccasin
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    The top of this page gives a good suggestion. If only the Developers would take heed:
  • MudMoccasin
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    I remember this being in the Bundle Shop many years ago. Wouldn't hurt to bring it back with revamped traits as well as introduce the Hero it's named after: