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Are there instruction on how to play?  Any advice?  Thank you.



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    This is truely a very broad question and not a simple answer. 
    So many different classes and weapons, walkers, maps, strategies. 
    And Game types ! 
    The advice I can offer is for you to line yourself up into a guild. Preferably a larger Guild Family so you have the ability to learn and talk to those that are guilds above you. The players within the guild family will help you. The forum won’t give you a breakdown as this question is far too complex 
    Be a sponge and learn from your guild and high players. 
    Or you can have a Sqwizz at Jay-z’s guide as well. This is found on the threads. 
    Which helps many of players that I’m aware. 
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    Thank you.
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    Hawaii said:
    Are there instruction on how to play?  Any advice?  Thank you.

    Doing main story, grinding recources and upgrading your camp rinse and repeat
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    finish daily quest
    do some scavenge if you still have gas
    do not unlock to many heroes
    only glenn, governor, maggie and sasha/eugene (if you wanna take harder level in scavenge)
    priority over building first
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    Here are some suggestions I would have liked:

    1:  Join an active guild.  Joining a guild will put you in contact with more experienced players and also allow you to play in the challenge mode (weekly).  Get a few challenge stars & check back into the challenge mode throughout the week.  The more challenge stars your guild earns, the more rewards you get.

    2:  Always try distance mode (easy for now).  Distance doesn’t hospitalize your characters & you get great rewards from it. (Weekly).

    3:  Try to get to get fully upgraded buildings before you unlock all heroes.  
    -  You can earn enough hero tokens to unlock a hero.  However, whatever level your highest hero is, the unlocked hero will be the same level…. So if you unlock all heroes at level 12, you will have a LOT of expensive exp upgrading to get all heroes to max level (28).

    4:  Survivors (non-hero) - You will see these tokens:  Collect the tokens rather than the hero.  Whenever you eventually roll a 5 star survivor, keep it!  Keep one 5 star survivor for each class & collect the tokens for the rest.  This will allow you to upgrade/promote one survivor to actually be useful rather than have a lot of junky heroes.

    5:  Weapons - If you are going to buy weapons, buy them sparingly until you reach level 28.  Similar to survivor unlocks, if your highest hero in a class (lets say hunter) is level 12, then a hunter weapon you purchase will be level 12.  Now, if you want to keep that weapon forever, you will have a ton of upgrading to do!  If you buy weapons once your survivors are level 28, the weapon will be level 28.

    6:  Spending money on the game - part 1 (SUPPLIES) - If you choose to buy packs to upgrade, I would strongly suggest upgrading you supply storage as much as you can > buy a “Full Supplies” pack (usually offered every couple of weeks) > upgrade council & supply storage > repeat.  The reason behind this…. The higher level your supply storage is, the more supplies you get from the full supply pack.

    7: Spending money on the game - Part 2 (EXP) - Supplies is easy to come by through packs & relatively cheap compared to how much grinding it saves.  For EXP it is much more efficient to buy a 7 day exp+ 7 day gas pack when you are going to have some grind time throughout the week.  I have grinded put well over 50 million exp per day multiple times using this.  There are events that really help boost rewards even more…. Using teams such as Governor (leader - when governor is lead, crate rewards at end are increased), Hunter Maggie (increased exp for kills), and Glenn can open 2 chests) make exp grinding fast & easy.  When you can badge your characters, I suggest adding some mediocre damage reduction & health badges to these characters (save your good badges for other heroes).

    8: Once you get heroes to 5 stars, take a look at this guide:

    For me, this has been a great more advanced guide on how to build heroes & good/bad traits to have.  At 5 stars, you can re-roll traits on heroes.  The more you upgrade the trait past this point, the more hero tokens it will cost each time!

    9: Events:  Always check for events going on.  These will help you decide best time to grind and maybe the best time to buy a good pack.  In addition, save your radio calls for good event rolls to maximize your radio call efficiency.

    I realize this is lengthy… but I would have liked to know this info as a new player.  Good luck!
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    Hawaii said:
    Are there instruction on how to play?  Any advice?  Thank you.

    Chat apps.

    Something not yet mentioned, but implied through the find-a-guild-family advice, is use a chat app platform for this game. There are 2. Line and Discord. Line is "bigger" and offers "videos". (The best weekly video content creators for challenge maps are all on youtube anyway so this almost doesn't matter when it comes to Line.) Discord has a smaller community and it offers basically everything but better. I'm biased though.

    My guild uses Discord to communicate for guild wars. We will not allow new members to join and not use Discord for gw. They can be kicked instead and we'd rather run with fewer players while maintaining room for the next Discord user. That's how serious we are about gw communication.

    I don't think there's a single serious gw guild of any play ability that doesn't use a chat app. So you're going to want to find your way into these communities and start on that right now.