Internet connection bugs and bans

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Hello, community!

Furthermore to the previously opened (and closed) topic, another example of game servers’ constant errors:

My fellow player could not launch the game for a certain period. When it finally happened, she finished several master missions. But in a little while her score went back to what it was.

In the guild score list, it showed the number of real stars achieved, but in my friend’s game it showed a completely different amount - sometimes less, sometimes more after several relaunches. My friend spent a lot of gas and resources to go through same master missions again and again, though result was not saved (at the same time – gas was spent and never returned).

Attached you can see screenshots of the problem described.

She also has a video showing that internet connection was on and working:

The same thing happened in the guild war several times,

Thanks God my friend is still not banned.  But by speaking out loud about this problem she wanted to support all those, who were unjustifiably banned.

Each time when we contact technical support to describe bugs and problems with the game, we are asked for video and screenshots evidence, which we do not always have - after all, we do not keep our camera always on in case something goes wrong.

When we ask you to show why honest players are being banned, we are treated with template phrases like – everything is double checked and “stay alive”.



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    Я тоже имею постоянные дисконекты, не то чтобы все время один сплошной дисконект, но обрыв связи очень часто. Такое постоянно наблюдается при мобильном интернете. немного реже с вай-фай. Если играть через компьютер то дисконектов почти нет. Но это же мобильная игра. Я не имею возможности носить за собой стационарный PC

    I also have constant disconnects, not that one continuous disconnect all the time, 
    but the connection is broken very often. This is constantly observed on the mobile Internet. 
    a little less often with wi-fi. If you play through a computer, then there are almost 
    no disconnects. But this is a mobile game. I cannot carry a stationary PC with me. LOL
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    Have a phone with two simcards. And when the game have too mach disconnecting, I change operator. it work several time and again start disconnecting.
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    Guild war, the problem persists, screen for 07/13/21
  • miori199373
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    The player was removed from registration and this window constantly pops up
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    Many problems remain in the guild wars. But we will be told again that this is a Beta version. )
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    Полностью согласен. Ваша поддержка только и умеет отвечать шаблонными ответами. В моём случае блокировки, мне приписывают создание значка, за последние несколько недель. Хотя я месяц уже никаких значков не делал. Никакой конкретики, одна чушь.😤 
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    Вот поддержка пишет, что они провели расследование и однозначно выявили нарушителя. При этом, когда их просят предоставить доказательства они ссылаются на то, что не могут показать данную информацию из-за своей политики. Получается, что разработчики могут забанить любого игрока в одностороннем порядке, без суда и следствия.
    А как же презумпция невиновности и право знакомиться со всеми материалами дела?
    Вот вам и европейские разработчики, больше похоже, что они с Самали.
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    I think if the intention is to end the game, it's better to post a statement with a closing date for all players, rather than acting cowardly and unfairly banning several players, who have been dedicated and spent money for 3 or 4 years, and overnight they were simply banned without explanation
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    Today and yesterday i have problem with connect game with cellular data on LTE mode, good work only on 3G mode.
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    Coming back to the bug issues during current guild wars: 
    During walking through a GW mission on half way to the finish already, my fellow player received a phone call, which interrupted his actions. After he finished his call, mission started over again. Screenshots are attached.  
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    And another issue during GW: 
    After placing all heroes on the green zone mission was not completed. My fellow player had to reboot his phone and his progress was reset. Screenshots attached. 
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    Step out from exit area and step in to exit Area
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    Тут представители NG хоть отвечают?