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    I have a good one that I think would be really popular.


    Yes we know you can trade resources in the black market and some in the trade store but this is very limiting and I thought it might be an idea to open up a swap Mart.

    It would be important that in this weekend event everything was traded laterally at a one-to-one ratio. 

    For example.

    1 Gold Cloth >>> 1 Gold Food
    5 Blue Metal >>> 5 Blue Chemical
    120 Rosita tokens >>> 120 Rufus tokens
    120 Merle tokens >>> 120 Shane tokens
    50 Dog tokens >>> 50 Shiva tokens
    50 Whisper masks >>> 50 Dog tokens
    5 grenades >>> 5 flares
    5 medkit >>> 5 blast grenades
    50 reinforcement tokens >>> 50 rerolls
    200 trade goods >>> 200 black market tokens

    I think this would be very popular and I definitely think you should have it refresh more than once every 7 hours but I'll take what I can get.

    To avoid confusion for newer players you could have this be a building that you build in your camp, requiring a set Council level that you guys determine, and it only is usable when the swap Mart Comes To Town during the weekend event? You can even have it be something that you have to build each time the event is coming?

    Say on Monday the plot in your Camp has a pop-up and when you click on it, it asked you the question "Build swapmart?" for 200,000 tomatoes (ex). And instead of a set time for it to build, it takes however long until the event start on Friday. And then on Monday morning it's gone leaving only the plot which must remain in your camp for next time.

    You could run it parallel to the old double tomato event or the one minute gas event, so that newer players also have an event that is useful to them running at the same time?

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    Any of these would require thought, imagination, and effort from an already underwhelming development team. Instead, we get the same damn recycled challenges with the same bogus weekend events. Wash, rinse, repeat.
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    Yes ma'am it is, it is. 👍🏽

  • Carly
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  • Superhero
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    So many good suggestions and what we got?

    Radioactive, which we just had three weeks ago and doesn´t give more radios at all...
  • ionica
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    I enjoyed reduced healing and 1 min gas, some time ago. For a mid player, it gives the chance to push for higher score in the challenge. Otherwise, 2,5 hours heal for each mistake and I'm getting bored pretty fast.
  • ionica
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    ionica said:
    I enjoyed reduced healing and 1 min gas, some time ago. For a mid player, it gives the chance to push for higher score in the challenge. Otherwise, 2,5 hours heal for each mistake and I'm getting bored pretty fast.

    @Lexia if your calculations don't add up to give 1 min gas, at least give the 30 gas in tg shop constantly during the weekend, combined with reduced healing.
    I understand you want to sell gas packages, but f2p will not purchase those -> during weekends, when there is some game time available, f2p players cannot enjoy the game because of low gas available -> those players will get bored because the actual time spent on the game is shortened due to this.
    Thanks to take this into consideration in the future.
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    Without all these 3 hour breaks, I'd never get my chores around the house done. It's never looked cleaner!
  • Anjelos
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    Just make something that will make people to play at weekends 🤣 many people finish or almost finish from thursday , they deserve to have something exciting to do in game 
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    No weekends events but Game Event will sound better.
    Some playes finishing challenge same day at start Challenge.

    Game event launch  when Challenge starts !

    No one waiting for weekend events - especaillly F2P Players.

    Weekand Event like a Herd or Duble XP is a J O K E - as well as Blue compoonent in Gold Crates...
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