Lucky assault armor - working as intended?

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Not the first case that consussion works really strange with the new assault lucky armor. 
How is it possible to resulted 3 of 6 walkers only 1 round concession with Princess 22% lucky, 20% lucky on DCM, 20% lucky on assa armor???? 
Theoretically this setup gives 97, 2% chance for 2 rounds concussion.



  • Bassreactor
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    1. 22%*1.4=30% 
    2. 80% is max
  • Cronus
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    Maybe the coding doesn't recognize adding the lucky from the armor in the calculation. Like the 45% chance to ignite on the Flaming Crossbow Pistol actually was coded to 35%. Math doesn't support in a group of 6 stunned walkers that 3 get stunned for 1 turn with concussion. Highly unlikely.
  • Cronus
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    1. 22%*1.4=30% 
    2. 80% is max
    I don't see in my notes that concussion is a capped trait (it may be capped I just don't have it down so would have to see for sure). Gold concussion on the decimator is 60% chance for an additional turn. You have to multiply that by the sum total of all lucky. Princess 22% lucky, 20% gold lucky on decimator, 20% infused lucky on assault armor. 60% x (1+0.22+0.20+0.20) = 97.2%.
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    Probably only applies to first target, like rgg lucky applies only to first charge point. Stupid bs that shouldn't be coded this way, is misrepresented to players because it's implied to work differently, and then the math players have to figure it out and call NG on it.
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    3.8% of the time can get just one turn and even for impossible it is it can get!
  • Cronus
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    pollorex said:
    3.8% of the time can get just one turn and even for impossible it is it can get!
    2.8%, not 3.8% and just because it is possible does not make it probable. Having 3 of 6 get stunned for 1 turn 0.0018% probability. I see that happen and doesn't point to a possibility but more likely an error somewhere.
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    My concern is in charging with this new jacket. Have much more instances where hitting more then 10 targets rewarding with only 1-2 charged points, then with any other non-Lucky jacket.
  • Burmeliinis
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    Yes, I also feel it isn't working. I regret not recording my GW missions, but I felt I was less lucky with charging with the lucky armor than without. So two possible things

    1. the lucky on the armor does not work
    2. there is a cap on concussion which has not been communicated
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  • Burmeliinis
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    edited October 2021
    Have a look at this video. Princess has the lucky Decimator and 22+20+20 lucky so 60 * 1.64 = 98.4 % chance of 2 round concussion.

    Hit at 1:06 = 7/8 walkers concussed = 88 %
    Hit at 1:24 = 9/12 walkers concussed = 75 %
    Hit at 1:50 = 8/11 walkers concussed = 73 % 
    Hit at 2:19 = 8/11 walkers concussed = 73 %
    Hit at 2:47 = 13/14 walkers concussed = 93 %

    So either there is a cap or lucky is not working. Without the 20% lucky of the armor chance would be 86,4%.
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    Princess used a charge attack on the space with a dot. 4 out of 10 (although there are 2 stunned walkers I can't see in the shadows) are only stunned for 1 turn. I am normally hesitant of posting claims like this because sure technically anything is possible, but considering Concussion should be activating at a near 100% rate it's been obvious there is something wrong. Maybe the lucky on armor is only affecting traits on the armor? However, she does seem to be charging up slower than usual as well so perhaps the armor is affecting all the sources of luck.

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    Woof.. this is what I was most excited about in the shop.
  • hunter_x
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    Maybe the luck on the armor is Bad Luck. :lol:

    sounds about right
  • Burmeliinis
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    Just to add on my post, as someone correctly argued that the percentages I posted really aren't correct as one should post probabilities. So I did the calculation, per below. It shows the probability of the events in my video both as the probability that exactly that event happened, and below that, the probability that the event - or any worse event - happened. And in two columns, the first with lucky armor working, and the second column if it's not working.

    So based on that, it was in the realms of possibility to get 7 out of 8 or 13 out of 14 concussed. It should happen in 20-30% of cases, if lucky armor works, and is the expected outcome (72-89 % chance of at least one not getting concussed) if lucky armor doesn't work. The two middle events, with 3 not getting concussed in a group of 10-11 is extremely unlikely if lucky armor works (0.3 - 0.4 % chance). It's also unlikely if lucky armor doesn't work (21-25%) but possible.

    Based on this I can say for sure that something is broken.

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  • ViniCasonatto_01
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    I believe NG made a mistake in announcing this item. The correct thing would be 20% unlucky.
  • brucewayne007
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     karma for NG putting it on Assault lol

    yes yes sour grapes 🤣🤣🤣

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    So I've not purchased it yet and I'm having no issues, i still think i cannot risk passing lol


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  • Burmeliinis
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    edited October 2021
    So we did some more testing, and if you equip it on as assault without lucky trait and with the non-lucky decimator and Sasha in lead it the “lucky “ popup will occasionally show, so it does seem to work sometimes.

    so two theories:
    - concussion has a cap of 80%
    - the armor luck overrides the weapon / trait luck

    comments @Lexia ?
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  • ghost_pepper
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    If you exceed a cap would that cause game silliness?
  • mousetrap1
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    I put the new armor on Princess and in my experience it does not work as intended.?  I see no difference in performance to regular armor. Thanks to all above for the math work I’m hoping NG addresses this issue. 
  • Burmeliinis
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    Any comment on this @Lexia ? we were really excited about this armor so would be nice to get it to work, too!
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  • Rohlikzauchem
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    @Lexia any words here please?
  • Lexia
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    It's been busy with the update, but we have not forgotten the topic. I will get back as soon as I know more. Thanks for all the details and testing you all have done in the mean time 🙏
  • Burmeliinis
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    I did a new test of the lucky armor, now with Mercer's Men-At-Arms. I have him at LT lvl 6, which means 50% chance to activate. He also has 22% lucky, a lucky Decimator (20%) and Lucky Armor (another 20%). So if lucky armor works, Men-At-Arms should activate 50% * (1 + 22% + 20% + 20%) = 81% and if it doesn't work, 50% * (1 + 22% + 20%) = 71%. Of 201 targets hit, it activated 143 times, so 71,1%.

    I would say it's pretty clear it's not working as intended and my theory is that there is a conflict with the lucky weapon, i.e. only one of them works.

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  • Th3DeadMan
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    Maybe you're just not that lucky 🤷‍♂️
  • bronik_dark
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    edited October 2021
    Hello again!

    Getting back to the topic - there seemed to be an issue with the Lucky on the armor not stacking with other Lucky traits. We will be able to publish a fix for it later today (12 UTC at the latest), but this will also require you to remove and then re-equip the armor on your survivor in order to have it working as it should. 

    An optional update will also from the looks of it go live later tomorrow (Tuesday 12.10.), which will fix the above without having to re-equip the armor. So if you want to have it working sooner, then you are able to do it later today with the above instructions, but otherwise it will work as intended with the optional update later tomorrow. The optional update will also incl. fixes to Perseverance not working properly with push-mechanic weapons.

    Thank you for being patient while we investigated the above! 🙌

    Now, after the update, the game for many does not enter
  • miori199373
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    What to do for those who have updated, I cannot enter the game and pick up the autumn campaign tokens from the store, what should I do?  🤦‍♀️
    @Lexia help 🙏
  • TheKing
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    Yep nice job NG! Now is coming hot fix 😠
  • Fluxxx
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    edited October 2021
    The release did not go quite as planned 😅 but luckily the fix did not require us to push out another update. Your game should load in normally now. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and if you're still experiencing the same issues, please let us know or contact our support!