Improved gold crate rewards

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Hey, @Lexia or @Fluxxx, is there any chance we can get the gold crate rewards improved just slightly? As it is basically a lottery, can there not be a minuscule chance that a gold crate would hold a special weapon such as the decimator or Morningstar? Even if the chances were really super small, I’m sure it would encourage uptake of the crates. They are expensive at 25 gold and right now I never pay gold to open them. If there was a small chance of a special weapon, I would probably do so much more often. I feel there is a need for some excitement around gold crates that is currently really lacking. Maybe a chance to get some phones? Right now, gold crates are an embarrassment even to give as a gift.


  • Raven2318
    Raven2318 Member Posts: 226 ✭✭✭✭✭
    In addition, if there is a lower or mid level player who gets a special weapon, you would be virtually guaranteed they would be spending reinforcement tokens to take it with them, so it would surely help your bottom line, too.
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    Hmmmm, great idea for the deaf ears

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  • Shian
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    Or give us a Epic card reward replacing gold crate and Legendary card for some small chance to optaint special weapon form epic rarity to legendary 🤔🤔🤔 it would help out new player alot
  • ghost_pepper
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    I requested a rebalancing of guild gift chests.

    Deaf ears.
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    Hmmm interesting...

    Would these random drop premium gears have random traits as well?

    Things like Concussion are not standard assault weapon traits.

    And even if it was an assault trait, no guarantee you're lucky enough to get the full unicorn trait set?

    Lots to consider. 

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