Start new game or keep going with 19 unlocked low level chars...

I started playing during Halloween and bought a bundle with some google play money from surveys.  I didn't know about not unlocking chars until a higher level and got 'lucky'
 and ended up unlocking 19 chars. 

6 @ lvl 16 (Shane, Abraham, Gov, Yumiko, Beta, Eugene)
2 @ lvl 15 (PGGlenn, Arron)
9 @ lvl 14 (Rosita, Maggie, Daryl, Sasha, Tara, Rick, Dwight, HMaggie, Negan)
2 @ 13/12 (Gab, Merle)

At Player Level 44 / Training Grounds 17
With having to level up so many chars in the future, think it would be better to just start a new game and only fewer chars, until getting to a higher level?  Or to just concentrate a a few select and don't worry about the other chars?  If so, what chars would you recommend to focus on that I currently have?

Also, with Guild Wars, will the Human chars always have fully upgraded weapons?  I haven't been upgrading weapons since I've been out leveling them pretty quickly, so when I faced Human chars in GW even though they were same level as me with their weapons its a pretty one sided battle


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    First and foremost, welcome to the game and community! 
    I have seen a lot of people hold off on unlocking characters and waiting. 
    Honestly mate, we get so much XP in the game over time, the more you play and higher you go it just rolls in. You get so much from crates and if you run a booster (24h gas/x2 xp), you can really utilise that. Even trash old equipment for double the amount. 
    Find the characters that you use the most and make sure they are up to scratch. Let the unused characters catch up later on. You will eventually have spare XP to use up. 
    Do not start your game again please. 
    With the Guild War PvP missions, yes the Weapons and Armour upgraded are in effect in the map. It’s the Badges that do not count when you play them. Only the user attacking has badges in use. Fire/Cripple is very effective to put on your defenders, as well as having stun Resistance on your armour. 
    I see the question about what characters you should upgrade or play with. Man this is a big question! Since you are new, you will hear the term SPY & SMY often. These 2 combination teams are very common now and dominate the game. (Sasha, Princess, Yumi), (Sasha, Mercer, Yumi). 
    Beforehand Melee was very dominant. Over the years it’s kind of gone in cycles. But that’s another story. 
    My advice to you is use what players you enjoy and find most success. PLEASE watch videos on YouTube as their is some great minds in the game who post their challenge maps weekly. I believe @Firekid does very good Tutorials on how different things within the game work. But there is many many players who are high level that do videos. 
    The best thing for you as a growing player, get in a guild family! This will help give you access to numerous players that are end gamers that you can ask those simple questions that can seem a bit “dumb”, but as a new player it’s important to ask. It also gives you a chance to move within teams. 
    There are great guilds like Wild Walking, Mavericks, RIH just to name a few. @ATLAS-Z has a great thing going with his guild and would be happy to help place you within his teams I’m sure. He is very hands on from my understanding so would be great to learn off. 
    There is an abundance wealth of knowledge in these long time guild families that you need to tap into. So I think that’s very important for you as a new player. Sometimes those small single guilds who are isolated don’t quite tap into the knowledge that is out there. Not always, but sometimes, your ceiling might be hindered if that’s the case. 
    Most guilds will have an external chatroom on Line app, GroupMe, etc just to name a couple, to help organise Guild Wars and help with the simple questions. It will also give you knowledge of the Distance and up coming challenges. But most guild families cater for all level players. 
    If you have a particular guild you like, you are welcome to PM me and I can give you the adequate connection to get the ball rolling. 
    Once again, welcome and great to see a new player keen for advice going forward. 
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    I forgot to mention that @JayZ has a post called “JayZ strategy compendium” for players who are learning in the game. 
    I’m not sure how current it is with the changes in the game of late, but I’m sure there is still very valuable information in there for you to look over. 
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    Just read the guides and upgrade only 2 teams full of everything (6 heroes)
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    Learn about everything else before you do it. Badges are a big one on that list.
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    I would focus ONLY on the following characters

    Assaults - Princess & Mercer
    Warrior - Beta & Michonne
    Scouts - Daryl & Rick
    Shooters - Hilltop Maggie and maybe Aaron
    Hunters - Sasha & Shane

    collect all tokens as you play but dont reroll traits until you have maxed out all those mentioned above
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    Dazzler said:
    I would focus ONLY on the following characters

    Assaults - Princess & Mercer
    Warrior - Beta & Michonne
    Scouts - Daryl & Rick
    Shooters - Hilltop Maggie and maybe Aaron
    Hunters - Sasha & Shane

    collect all tokens as you play but dont reroll traits until you have maxed out all those mentioned above
    While leveling up, I would also include Governor, hunter Maggie, and pizza Glenn to that list. 

    …and how did you exclude THE most important shooter aka Yumiko. 

    Not unlocking heroes is a shortcut, but truthfully, you will be drowning in experience at later levels so it won’t matter. I wouldn’t start a new game because you unlocked too many heroes. I unlocked everyone immediately and needed to upgrade random gear to store experience in the late 20s. Just don’t unlock anyone else that isn’t essential.