Upgrade Council UNACCEPTABLE



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    Would have been a refreshing change to see a council update drop during a tomato Monday/5s building event but I guess it was just too good to be true :lol:
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    Lexia said:
    Thank you all for the lively discussion, but I would also like to remind everyone to stay on subject for easier follow-up and continued conversations :smile:

    For the new council level - we understand that it will most likely split opinions. There is a surprisingly large population of the player base that have been asking for it for a long time, and understandably also those that may not like it. We do have ideas on buildings and/or features that would be nice to add together with a new council level, but unfortunately didn't have enough time or resources to get implemented in an update (this was also one of the reasons the new council level came so late this year). That thought hasn't been forgotten though, so still something that is on the table for the future :smile:

    An extra spot at the hosital wouldn´t had take much ressources I guess.
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    Totally Non sequitur to this post but......
    Since there's gonna be a Council upgrade, how accurate to the TV likeness is my XP Harvester (whom I'm going to be using extensively for the foreseeable future)?:

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    Going off topic again,  sorry. It's been a while since I've upgraded my council.  When upgrading your weapons and/or hero's the walker level changes after 3 upgraded, right?  So on the 4th that's when your GW maps will go up a level along with scavenging?
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    GW map levels:
    When upgrading survivors - based on your 3 highest level toons (won't go up if you upgrade only 2 survivors +1 level).
    When upgrading gear - will go up +1 level if you upgrade your highest fully upgraded equipable gear to the next level.

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    I really dont understand the opposition to council upgrades.  Its not like one level will really affect challenge stars, GW or any game mode.  There's zero rush to upgrade so costs zero money, how is it a cash grab?  Its an actual use for tomatoes, reinforcements, XP, etc... I think we should get 2 upgrades a year.
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    Deadheads said:
     I think we should get 2 upgrades a year.
    Don't push it 😄
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    Double up now. Straight to 30 :sunglasses:
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    You don’t have to upgrade all weapons only the ones that matter. One weapon and one armor per class. If you’re smart just the weapons and only one or two armors for the bruiser class and one for your tanks Abe.