Resurrecting Defensive Stance

Virtus Member Posts: 59 ✭✭✭
I remember playing when Defensive Stance was a very useful trait before badges were introduced.  In it's current state, it's a dead trait so I'd like to suggest how this melee-only trait could be changed and become much more useful. 
I think it should be changed to provide status resistance, similar to Negan's Leader Trait.  My idea is that Defensive Stance would provide increasing resistance to status effects (Stun, Bleed, Fire).  This would help make melee teams more useful at higher levels.  My ideas for scaling it:
Level 1 - 10%
Level 2 - 20%
Level 3 - 30%
Level 4 - 40%
Level 5 - 50%
Level 6 - 60%
Level 7 - 65%
Level 8 - 70%
Level 9 - 75%
Level 10 - 80%

Allow the trait to be affected by luck as well.  Yes, it may negate or lessen some armors that have stun resistance or hazard to some degree.  But, since Defensive Stance is a bonus condition on badges, this makes many more of those badges with a Def Stance bonus useful again.

With additional useful traits for melee this would add strategic and tactical depth.  Some melee teams may be more offensive focused in their traits, while others more defensive, and a reworked Defensive Stance can be a big part of that.