Current jackpot odds don't add up. Possible glitch

20 missions played and 100 radios spend and not even one single silver jackpot, where the odds should be one golden jackpot per 20 games and 1 silver per 7. Msybe  the jackpot only kick in once all the 4 free unlocks have been used so u have to spend 30 gold pieces to unlock all the krates? I saved all my unlocks for the jackpots that never happened. 


  • ShadowWalker
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    I also didn't receive any Jackpot after scavenging for about 20 minutes. I will be starting another session soon, I guess I'll see if I get any...
  • ShadowWalker
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    I guess complain and you shall receive.

  • Adamski316
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    I on the other hand have played 6 more scavenging mission and still 0 silver and 0 golden jackpots after wasting 130 gas tanks. I think I will give up on this nonsense and focus on  the Distance

  • NatsuDark
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    I've played over 300 missions, and so far I've only had 5% silver jackspot and 5% Golden (which corresponds correctly). @Lexia, I ask you to double check the odds, because there's definitely something wrong
  • fearofthedark
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    I took the 1 h free gas from BM and this is what i got, 20 min played and 3 jackpots. So for me it's working pretty good.

  • Adamski316
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    So it seams like the 5% and 15% odds apply to the whole community overall and not to individuals, where I will play 19 missions and get nothing and a next guy will play only one and get a golden jackpot. Otherwise I cannot explain myself going through 130 gas tanks, without even getting a single silver crate jackpot. This is the first time this has happened to me, so I find it quite perplexing. 
  • ghost_pepper
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    I'm convinced silver jackpot % is off. From the amount of bored grind I did with free gas booster, yeah. It's off.
  • ladre5
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    How about an 5 sec upgrafe for gear and survivors on weekend? Would be great after the update for xp farming.
  • Cronus
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    ladre5 said:
    How about an 5 sec upgrafe for gear and survivors on weekend? Would be great after the update for xp farming.
    and double XP for scrapping gear....

    It's only fair.
  • Billdinger
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    A 5 second upgrade is mandatory for the weekend @Fluxxx @Lexia. I've been maxed on XP for ions! Thank you for considering this! I'd even buy an extra bundle or 2! 
  • FuriousMoldovan
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    ...and a dirty Martini - shaken, not stirred please 😏
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  • Sg_Death
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    Well this is just hilarious, 
    People have bought gas booster, for the jackpot event, what about that? You need to do something extra that's for sure. @Lexia
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  • Gothgul
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    So I wasnt crazy. Farmed 67 missions on booster for supplies before getting my first jackpot earlier in the week. 
  • rearrow1
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    yup bought gasbooster and got equipment upgrade bug. with xp maxed i have now been waiting for a reaction while the bought booster expires, the upgrade would have been finished and any xp i got from any mode is wasted. 
  • bronik_dark
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    in my opinion, the chance of hitting the jackpot decreased again as it was last week, before the amendment